Monday, February 10, 2014

Dark Witch Winter 1263

This is chapter 1 of Dark Witch by Nora Roberts. I am reading this book and the next one comes out next month on the 25 th. This series is also known as "The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy. I just finished "The MacGregor Brides", this was next on my list.

Please enjoy my chapter reviews of Dark Witch.

Sorcha was heading home with her children and it was dark with bitter wind. She misses her husband and wishes he was home safe.

She lost a child but can easily heal people, she is the dark witch.

While Sircha and her children were heading home , Sircha could feel that someone would be liking in the shadows. She would put out her charms to protect her children but who is after her?

All her children have pets. There is a hound, pony and a hawk. Each child has a gift to each pet.

Now we get to meet Cabhan who is a dark sorcerer and wants Sorcha. He enters the dreams if the children trying to harm them.

Sircha finds out and makes a amulet to protect her children and any life that comes from them .

After Sorcha is tired and drinks a potion to sleep.

That is chapter 1.

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