Monday, February 3, 2014

Chapter 20 MacGregor

So read another chapter before work today. In this chapter Gwen gets a big surprise plus gets a one on one with her grandfather.

Gwen confronts her grandfather and is not happy that he meddled in her love life but he really didn't. All he did was arrange for Vranson to meet Gwen to discuss a book and medical terms.
Well Gwen had words with grampa and then heard her parents.

Her mom Serena didn't tell her what to do but to follow her heart and do what she felt was right.

Gwen did admit she is in love with Branson to both her parents. Her mother is very happy and dad is kind protective.

Anyways Gwen woke early after hearing noise and being up late.

She finds Branson outside the family home in Hyannis and  he brought all the 12 days of Christmas with him!

He told Gwen he wanted her and to make a happy life with through marriage, kids and her family.

Well Gwen accepted! 

Now onto the next part of the book: Julia

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