Friday, February 7, 2014

Chapter 23 part 2

Ok this is the second part of my review.

Cullum is installing door knobs and it doesn't make him happy. His father told him that Julia was having a party and needed them installed.

That didn't sit well with Cullum.

While the door knobs were being installed Julia came home and not alone either.

She and Tod entered the house and he wanted one drink, more like sex.

Julia gave in ! 

You should never give in to a man that you don't like! Even if he can charm his way through any social outing!!!

Anyways Tod got frisky with Julia and kissed her and wanted more but she said no. 

Go Julia!

Tod didn't take no for an answer and tried to get her dress off but Julia fought back with her attitude and telling him to get out!

He leaves and Cullum cones down after watching the spectacle and Julia of course is mad that he saw everything.

Well after calming her down and showing one door knob to her, they were really close to each other!

You should be able to guess what happened next.

A kiss happened and not just a peck on the lips, it was a heated, passionate kiss!

Cullum also like her legs in the black dress she had on too.

Well the bad part is Julia just had to stop and think and tell Cullum to leave.

Now why would you do that? If you enjoyed the hot kiss why not take it further?!?!

Anyways Cullum left and thought fresh air would be better because he really couldn't think around Julia and her black dress.

Chapter 24 coming later today.

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