Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chapter 6 & 7 Dark Witch

So I read two chapters in a row. This book is getting good!

So chapter 6

Iona got her job and started home or I should say to Brannas but she stopped at the vibes and braches that tangled together in the woods.

She lingered even though she was told not to by Branna and Connor but she did.

Iona was about to go through when kathel barked at her which brought her back to reality.

Iona went to see Branna and told her about it. Branna was happy she didn't go through but wasn't that happy about it because Cabhan was testing her.

Anyways Branna started teaching her some magik and Iona could do a flame in the palm of her hand and made water lift out of a bowl.

After Connor said he would buy dinner and Iona could buy the pint. So all three headed to the village.

Chapter 7
Iona met a lot if people at the pub who all said hi to Connor because they knew him.

Connor and Iona found Boyle and Meara sitting already so they grabbed the table next to them and chatted.

Things were good and all of them in good spirits.

After awhile Branna knew that fin was back and he sure was because he came into the bar.

He said hello to everyone and introduced homsekf to Iona.

Branna doesn't like Fin because Fin is of the same blood as Cabhan and he has the mark that Cabhan does when tegan put it on him.

Anywho, Branna left and Meara followed but made sure Iona had a ride home.

She got a ride back to Ashford castle with Boyle! She has such a crush on him!!!

So while driving fog rolls up and if course it's Cabhan and Iona can hear her name being called but Boyle can't hear anything. 

He's just trying to navigate while driving even though he knows the road very well.

The fog lifted and he walks Iona into Ashford and says hello to the desk clerk.

Boyle took the key and Iona (by hand) to her room and noticed that it was in the older part of the castle.

He unlocks the door and walks in after Iona to the desk and writes down his number for her in case anything happens.

He tells her to call Branna first and then him since he is closer. Anyways Boyle leaves and yells at her through the door to lock it. She did.

Iona was upset that she thought when Boyle walked in the room that he wanted something else but he didn't. She did get butterfly's though.

Iona told Meara about her sex dream and that she thought Meara and Boyle were a. "Thing" but they aren't.

Meara wanted to hear every detail of this dream and so do I but a fight was starting outside.

Boyle didn't get hurt but did a lot if damage to the other guy.

Good chapters and now onto the next one.

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