Sunday, February 23, 2014

Chapter 10 Dark Witch

Iona is practicing her magick in this chapter. Branna is teaching her how to control rain or I should say water.

Branna is dry whil Iona is soaked. Iona focuses and starts making the rain go away. After they are done they head inside to the workshop.

Meara was inside about to leave but Branna told her to stay. 

Branna and Meara chat about how Meara wanted to be blondes long time ago and how it looked bad on her. It was a week before she had Branna turn it back to her original color.

While they chatted Iona glamned up and she never has been good at it but this is magick.

Both Branna and Meara said she looked ready to go out to a pub and Branna did good work. 

They chat more and Connor shows up with Boyle and Fin. They all decide to make a soup and everyone is willing to help.

They all talk about magick and the curse that is hanging over Branna,Connor and Iona. It also hangs over Fin.

Fin comes from the same blood of Cabhan and has the pentagram which he shows to Iona.

They still make dinner and drink more wine and chat to enjoy the good times.

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