Monday, February 10, 2014

Chapter 27 MacGregor

Finally at the part where they agree to have dinner, talk then sex.

Neither Julia or Cullum fussed about what they were going to wear and Cullum got KFC extra crispy.

My kind of date night.

So Julia states what she wants and she wants no strings attached and no lieing/cheating which means they are in a relationship no matter what.

Cullum tells her what he wants and before Julia can say anymore his lips are on hers.

Now they have sex with a fire in the background because Julia's bedroom is done and most suitable for the date/sex night.

Clothes are torn off and bodies pressed against one another with orgasam after orgasam hits both.

They pull the duvet cover over them and go at it again. They are like rabbits that just keep going and going and going.

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