Monday, March 31, 2014

Dark Witch rain

So I have been walking and last night it was raining. I didnt have an umbrella so I got soaked and so did Dark Witch and that is still drying.

In the mean time I'm going to start The MacGeegor Grooms for now.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chapter 18 Dark Witch

Branna had a list for Iona after her journey to Nan's. The lemon was in her pocket!!!

Anyways Iona had to find 4 things in order that Branna and Connor chose for her.

Iona finds them all plus a attick above Brannas room that she didn't know was there.

After they are dinner and then Iona cleaned the kitchen and made it sparkle so Branna would be happy about a clean kitchen.

Iona was going to take her items to be cleansed when someone knocked at the door.

She opened it and there is Boyle with flowers. Ahhhh

He came in and Iona put the flowers in a vase with water then outlined what she wanted from Boyle.

He still wants her and is madly in love with her but willing to respect her wishes.

He still feels bad that he thought she used magik on him when she didn't.

Boyle left and is going along with Iona's terms for now.

I hope they get back together because they are made for each other.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Second Book

I ordered the second book in the Cousins O'Dwyer trilogy and it came today!!!

Super excited but have to finish the first book then onto Shadow Spell :)

Chapter 17 Dark Witch

Finally! I have read a chapter!!!

Ok, Iona wakes up hungover but she had a lot of fun with Meara and Branna. They drank, danced and did sing.

Iona got up to get ready for work and took a potion Branna made which helped the hangover.

Iona gets to the stables and Boyle is shocked to see her because he expected her to not come in today.

Well he was wrong!

Iona said very little to him and it drove him mad. He didn't know whether to tell or not tell at her.

He wants to fix things but is letting Iona have space.

She did all her work and went home with Connor. They ate biscuits and drank some tea then worked on magik.

Iona wanted to try a new spell called Astral projection. So she relaxed and flew to Nans (gram) kitchen and Nan could see her and touch her.

They talked for a bit then had to leave because it's Iona's first time doing this and it's a long way back to Ireland.

Nan was happy to see all three of them and plans to travel to Ireland to see everyone.

Iona took a lemon and put it in her pocket. Will it make it back with her?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Boston plus drama

A lot of drama going on but I'm not going into detail about it.

I'm just miserable and don't want to dress up tomorrow for Anime Boston.

Well I'm going to try and relax so I can get some sleep and hope that tomorrow is better.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Frozen and will do a chapter review

Ok, I have been busy getting ready for Anime Boston plus working. I am going to post a chapter review either tonight or tomorrow. I promise this time!

I'm watching Frozen with Jen and James , it's cute and really a fun movie.

Ok, I will post more later

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Posting another chapter tomorrow

It has been awhile since I last posted. I'm doing a chapter review tomorrow afternoon.

I picked up a lot of hours with the nursing home so I have a few 3a to 7a shifts then sleep.

If you read my blog, thank you!!! 

Ok will post tomorrow on Dark Witch by Nora Roberts.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chapter 16 Dark Witch

Iona is putting lipgloss on so she can talk to Boyle into a ride on Alastair and then dinner then his bed, oh boy!

Iona talks to Connor about love and if he has been in love and he can tell that Iona is in love.

Boyke sent people home early and is brushing Darling (mare) when Fin shows up. Boyke was thinking about paperwork and bills and Iona.

Boyke talks to Fin about what happened with him and Iona and her vision that she had at the friary.

Alastair is jealous when Boyle is talking which I find funny. Made me smile too.

Boyle also rants to fin about Iona but Fin says " it sounds like you are in love to me ".

Boyle is not used to these kind of feelings that he has for Iona and he's not sure what to do.

He even thinks that Iona has put a love spell on him.

Now Iona has more respect than that and would never use a love spell on anyone and Branna would not let her.

Iona hears everything and tells Boyle that she would leave him alone. He could tell she was hurting from what he said.

He wanted to fix it but Iona didn't and asked for a ride home from Fin.

Boyle said he would but Iona said no! And Fin brought her home in silence.

After dropping Iona off Fin thought it would be best to get Connor and all three could get drunk.

Iona walks in and Branna knew something was wrong and Iona told her. So Branna called Meara who brought pizza and wine and ice cream with her and they had a girls night.

Connor and Fin talked to Boyle and told him it would take time and that flowers may not work over here.

Boyle is not happy he hurt Iona but what's done is done.

While Branna and Meara and Iona were having talks with a roaring fire, Iona wanted music do Branna got her fiddle but noticed the fog around the house.

Cabhan was there but they decided to play music and be happy and say "f you" to Cabhan.

Onto the next chapter

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chapter 15 Dark Witch

In this chapter Iona goes out to see what else there is besides her job, home and Ashford Castle.

Boyle takes her and won't let her drive(she wants to learn).

They visited a few places and she felt right at home. She went to Ballintubber Abbey.

Conchobair built it and is ancestor to Iona.

They also went to Ross Abbey which was a friary. Boyle thinks the Brits kicked out the monks and claimed it as there own.

Iona was exploring and then said she died here or it was her blood relatives that died here.

She knew Cabhan was waiting for this woman and trying to call her to him. He was greedy for her power(the relative) but the lady was dying.

Iona's eyes went black!

Scary but Iona keeps talking and knows that the lady has a granddaughter and knows that she has to pass on the power and amulet even though she doesn't want too.

Iona also spoke in Irish and Boyke could make out some but not all of it. Iona's eyes rolled back and she told Boyke she had to leave the place.

It was draining Iona but Boyle took a hold tight of her and carried her out. He has seen Connor have a vision before so Boyke knew what to expect.

They head back to see Branna and Connor to tell them of the vision.

The Irish that Iona spoke was of you're the one but there must be three and it ends here for me begins for you.

I'm wondering if the old lady said this to her granddaughter before she died to pass on the power and amulet.

Or it means that it will take Branna, Connor and Iona to go up against Cabhan.

Guess we will find out, next chapter

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chapter 14 Dark Witch

Ok, everyone gathers for dinner to talk about cabhans latest attack on Boyke and Iona.

We find out that Boyle and Iona were relaxed on the ride home and that might be why they were attacked.

We also find out that Fin bought Alastair because he had a visionif Iona on the horse and fire in her hands.

He did not know when she would show up though.

After eating Iona goes to Boyles place to spend the night because he is going to show her around on her day off.

After everyone leaves, Branna and Connor talk about "Litha" the summer solstice and how light smothers dark.

They also talk about "Ostra, the equinox" the balance of day to night .

They think it may be best to fight when there is light for a long time in solstice.

Well they have sex again but Iona dreams and brings Boyle into the dream with her.

Iona and Boyle are in the woods and the path is blocked and Boyke wants to move the branches out of the way.

Iona is scared and doesn't want to let go and who comes along......Cabhan as a wolf again.

Boyle is calm and tells Iona that they need fire and she conjured it up and Boyke punches the fog.

Boyles hand was hurt in the dream but when Iona woke up it was hurt unreal life too.

She took care of his to draw out position then heal which took a toll on her so she would shower while Boyke made breakfast.

But before making breakfast, he calls Fin to see what he makes of the dream.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Chapter 13 Dark Witch

Ok Boyle and Iona have sex in this chapter, it's heated and fast paced but they both enjoyed it.

Cabhan attacked Boyle and Iona in the woods and Iona called up a wind spell wich Boyle talks her down.

Branna heard from Iona by phone call about what happened and waited for 2 hours but could see why Iona was late.

They talked then Iona took Boyle upstairs to her room for the night.

Iona works then gets Meara to give her a ride and Branna is with a customer.

Fin shows up and wants to help with Iona's training and tells Branna she doesn't need to cook but she made sauce for pasta and it was cooking.

Fin called everyone and they will be together for dinner and hear Iona's story again.

Onto the next chapter

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chapter 12 Dark Witch

Well here we are on chapter 12.

Iona is giving Sarah lessons and Sarah's mom is there watching. 

After the lesson Boyle sees Iona and takes Darking and Alastair out for a ride.

Iona knew the horses liked looking at each other and Iona told Boyle.

They went to the river and near the castle and then headed back to the stables.

On the way back the wolf appears aka Cabhan. There was no warning, no fog or nothing.

He just comes out with teeth baring and growling.

Iona conjured up a wind tunnel after setting fire. The wind tunnel was very powerful and she made it very strong too.

Boyle talked her down and the storm became calm after she took a tree apart and Cabhan was not happy to be in wind either.

Iona was pale and shaky after and she took a couple deep breaths like Boyle told her to do.

They went back to the stables and Boyle took her to his place which was closest and got her whiskey to calm her and him.

After he made her dinner and then his temper came out. 

Now it gets better because Iona states that she wants to sleep with Boyle and be next him every morning.

The chapter leaves off with Boyle and Iona kissing but I have a suspicion that they are going to have sex.

Onto the next chapter!

Long time

Feels like a long time since I last posted! Been working a lot and read another book which I couldn't put down.

I am reading chapter 12 today and will write a review for it.

I am setting a goal, I want to read a chapter a day until this book is done. I will not start any other books til I am finished with Dark Witch!!!