Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chapter 14 Dark Witch

Ok, everyone gathers for dinner to talk about cabhans latest attack on Boyke and Iona.

We find out that Boyle and Iona were relaxed on the ride home and that might be why they were attacked.

We also find out that Fin bought Alastair because he had a visionif Iona on the horse and fire in her hands.

He did not know when she would show up though.

After eating Iona goes to Boyles place to spend the night because he is going to show her around on her day off.

After everyone leaves, Branna and Connor talk about "Litha" the summer solstice and how light smothers dark.

They also talk about "Ostra, the equinox" the balance of day to night .

They think it may be best to fight when there is light for a long time in solstice.

Well they have sex again but Iona dreams and brings Boyle into the dream with her.

Iona and Boyle are in the woods and the path is blocked and Boyke wants to move the branches out of the way.

Iona is scared and doesn't want to let go and who comes along......Cabhan as a wolf again.

Boyle is calm and tells Iona that they need fire and she conjured it up and Boyke punches the fog.

Boyles hand was hurt in the dream but when Iona woke up it was hurt unreal life too.

She took care of his to draw out position then heal which took a toll on her so she would shower while Boyke made breakfast.

But before making breakfast, he calls Fin to see what he makes of the dream.

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