Friday, April 18, 2014

Part one of Shadow Spell

I'm going to do 2 parts to this first chapter. There is a lot information in it and I think it needs to be shared in. 2 parts. 

We learn about all 3 children, their cousins and more about Cabhan. 

Autumn 1268

Eamon out on the water near his cousins cottage. Birds are singing and chirping and the rooster doing his usual thing.

Home for 5 years at their cousins cottage.

Dreamt of home and some dreams were real where he could smell the fire and lavender that Sorcha wove for good rest and good dreams.

Eamons great need for his mother brought her to help guide him. She told him that he would one day return home, to the place he always called home.

Sorcha tells him he may not be able to kill Cabhan but even if it takes a thousand years, someone from their blood will kill Cabhan  just like the mark left on Cabhan will pass down his blood line.

Eamon started walking back to the cottage after catching more fish and put his arm out when he heard a screech. 

The hawk Roibeard, swooped down onto his arm. Eamon talked to him for they were connected.

Eamon talked of his dream and about his mother visiting him. He also looked to see if Cabhan was looking for him and his sisters but he was not.

Brannaugh did what was expected of her and helped with everything for the last five years.

Their cousin Ailish had a baby at the breast or in her belly. I think Ailish needs to slow down on the baby making.

I do not have kids but that has got to be tough when you are nursing a baby and have one growing in you.

Well I guess it helps with the harvest and good to have a lot of siblings so you won't get bored.

End of part 1

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Shadow Spell

I'm going to read the first chapter again in Shadow Spell. I think I read too fast and it confused me.

So I hope to have a chapter review up by tonight.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Shadow Spell

Ok, I finished Dark Witch and have started Shadow Spell. I have not finished the chapter but hopefully will soon and put up a review. I'm excited to start the next book and looking forward to what happens with Connor and Meara.

Watching some Hell's Kitchen at the moment and relaxing today. I got done yesterday after a 12 day stretch of working. The extra money will be good though so I can't complain and I worked at the nursing home last night too.

Last night went fairly well even though I got switched to the other side.
On a random not: There are pennies on the floor at Hell's Kitchen. Gordon is teaching them how much money went out the door when they can't cook beef the proper way and it's a lot!

Okay back to last night, I got switched and was not happy about it but my night was not bad. It went nice and smooth and I had a good time at work.

So I will post a chapter review of Shadow Spell when I am done and I hope that will be soon.

Thanks for viewing!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Epilogue Dark Witch

Iona feels that she wasn't strong enough which Connor and Branna say "bullocks to that".

They told her when she finished the circle that they heard her call and the rest if them came to help.

Cabhan slipped through time taking Iona with him before she finished the circle. This is how Cabhan was winning. His power was stronger here.

Fin and Branna didn't know Cabhan could slip through time so easily and Branna will make sure it doesn't happen again.

Most everyone got hurt except Branna but they helped tend to each other's wounds.

Branna had everyone help with dinner except Boyle and Iona. They took the brunt of most if the attacking so they got to sit by the fire while everyone else helped make dinner.

Boyle is talking to Iona and now has her faith and then he says he wants to get married. Yes he proposed to her which catches ions off guard and question it.

I would too if someone did that to me.

Boyle thinks they are good for each other and they have horses in commonso they should get married.

Kinda funny because I'm practical and I like things in order and Boyle says they have horses in common and that he lives get so why not get married?!

Boyle told Iona that he wasn't throwing the words out there like water making fire go out.  He meant it when he asked her to marry him and he was I love with her. 

He told he he loved her and wouldn't be the same without her since they took that break and he wanted a family one day too.

Iona said yes and Boyle would be ok to get married the next day but she wants Nan to be there and get a dress too. Boyle said he needed to get her a ring, something shiny!

Boyle agreed that they would wait because he wanted to book Ballintubber Abbey. They went there on a day off so Iona could see the land and really liked the abbey.

Alastair was happy for Iona and she knew it plus she wanted to tell the others. She was now loved, given freely and taken willingly. She was loved at last.

Meanwhile, in the deep if the woods in a whole other time frame Cabhan was in a lot of pain. His power was very dark magick and he started to heal and to plan.

He may have lost this battle but he would be ready for the next battle.

Chapter 21 Dark Witch

So I left off when Iona went to Boyle and wanted him for a night.

It was morning and she was done showering so she wanted to tend to Alastair before heading home.

Fin ride with her and went over the plan that Branna had come up with.

Iona also went to get ready and to make charms for Alastair so he would be protected.

It was now time to go the Sorchas cabin and wait for Cabhan to arrive. Iona made a circle and finished even though Cabhan showed up.

He threatened Iona (of course) and said he would take her power away by just one kiss like he did with Sorcha.

Iona fought him with her sword and did hurt him a little but he hurt Alastair more then the others arrived.

The hound, hawk and Boyle came. Meara and Fin were there with Branna and Connor.

Boyle hit Cabhan and burned his hands while doing it but Boyle used to box.

Iona was worried about Boyle and about Alastair but the spell that was said didnt work.

Cabhan left with the fog and Branna is not sure what went wrong.

Need to read the epilogue then onto the next book of this series.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chapter 20 Dark Witch

Ok, everyone is gathered at the cottage to discuss about the what is going to be done to Cabhan. 

Iona makes a valid point that everyone is fighting for love, friendship and family. Everyone agrees and they eat dinner.

Iona headed to work the next day and the wolf was inside! He charged at her but Iona was quick with a shield spell but felt it crack.

She took the shield down  as Cabhan charged again but he went through the doors to the light.

He turned into a man and told Iona he would spare life and everyone life if she would give him her magik. 

Iona didn't and would never and she had company show up too. The hound, hawk and horse knew what was going on plus fin and Meara showed up as well as Connor and Boyle.

After Boyle stayed with her for a bit then showed her a birthday gift that he got for her.

He got her a saddle and had it engraved with her name and Alastair names on it.

After Iona went to see Boyle and ask him to have her for a night. To feel the touch for a night before they go and fight.

Well she was satisfied and I can understand why she would want Boyle for a night. I would too if I was going to fight a dark evil the next day.

More later

Monday, April 7, 2014


Been working a lot but hope to have a chapter review by tomorrow. I'm almost done with the book and I can start the next one.

More later

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Chapter 20 Dark Witch

Well back to reading! Branna is working Iona very hard plus Meara with sword fighting. 

Iona has kept herself very busy and not notice Boyle being nice and trying to make things right with her.

Iona is at the stables and looks at Spud (horse) who won't eat and it seems only like a belly ache. Iona takes care of it and gets Spud medicine to help.

Boyle was very close to her and pretty much brushed up against her. I think he enjoyed it even if he didn't try to look like he was.

Iona decided to try to notice the small things about him and what he does for her.

Iona is helping Branna with dinner as the guests arrive.

Iona sees the little red car and laughs because Connor and Boyle drove it to the house and they were cramped in it.

Iona sat in it and fit just fine and then found out its a birthday gift! Everyone chipped in and paid for it!!

Meara went with Iona for her first drive and they made it safely back. Iona made a thank you speech then opened her gift from Nan. A pretty blue jumper and she went to try it on.

Next chapter, almost done with this book and onto the next!