Thursday, April 10, 2014

Epilogue Dark Witch

Iona feels that she wasn't strong enough which Connor and Branna say "bullocks to that".

They told her when she finished the circle that they heard her call and the rest if them came to help.

Cabhan slipped through time taking Iona with him before she finished the circle. This is how Cabhan was winning. His power was stronger here.

Fin and Branna didn't know Cabhan could slip through time so easily and Branna will make sure it doesn't happen again.

Most everyone got hurt except Branna but they helped tend to each other's wounds.

Branna had everyone help with dinner except Boyle and Iona. They took the brunt of most if the attacking so they got to sit by the fire while everyone else helped make dinner.

Boyle is talking to Iona and now has her faith and then he says he wants to get married. Yes he proposed to her which catches ions off guard and question it.

I would too if someone did that to me.

Boyle thinks they are good for each other and they have horses in commonso they should get married.

Kinda funny because I'm practical and I like things in order and Boyle says they have horses in common and that he lives get so why not get married?!

Boyle told Iona that he wasn't throwing the words out there like water making fire go out.  He meant it when he asked her to marry him and he was I love with her. 

He told he he loved her and wouldn't be the same without her since they took that break and he wanted a family one day too.

Iona said yes and Boyle would be ok to get married the next day but she wants Nan to be there and get a dress too. Boyle said he needed to get her a ring, something shiny!

Boyle agreed that they would wait because he wanted to book Ballintubber Abbey. They went there on a day off so Iona could see the land and really liked the abbey.

Alastair was happy for Iona and she knew it plus she wanted to tell the others. She was now loved, given freely and taken willingly. She was loved at last.

Meanwhile, in the deep if the woods in a whole other time frame Cabhan was in a lot of pain. His power was very dark magick and he started to heal and to plan.

He may have lost this battle but he would be ready for the next battle.

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