Friday, August 22, 2014


I have been working the last few days and I have not been reading. I'm hoping to start a new book tomorrow.

I started reading Thrill Ride in the Black Knight Inc series.

I also downloaded a lot of books that groups have posted on Facebook. Some are free and some are $0.99 which is awesome!!!

So I will update soon about the next book I start reading.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Better When He's Bad

Well I must say I absolutely LOVED this book by Jay Crownover and she is a fantastic writer.

This book is about Bax who is a bad guy that grew up on the wrong side of the law.

He steals and is very good at it.

He then meets Dovie who shakes his world up, physically and mentally.

Can Bax handle it?

It's a great book about bad boys that are hot and dangerous!

Go read it!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Cleaning and Apartment search

Ok, I have finished a book and been cleaning plus looking for an apartment.

Good news is I'm looking at a apartment this Friday! It's 700 a month but not sure what's included. I hope heat is included.

The book I finished is called "Better When He's Bad" by Jay Crownover. I enjoyed this book and I read it in 2 days!

I will post about it tomorrow since I'm going to bed soon.

So I will update tomorrow and everyone have a great night!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Expendables 3

I went to the movies again since my 3rd job is starting soon and I won't have time to get out as much.

I saw Expendabkes 3, and I LOVED IT!!

I have seen all the movies in this franchise and love the all star cast in every single one! It's crazy his you can get that many stars together for one movie!

Also like stuff blowing up in the movie but it's action packed and very funny!

Sad when the old team retires and Barnie gets a new " younger " team with a girl that can kick ass!

So I recommend this movie and I give it 5 stars!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Giver

I went to the movies tonight and saw The Giver. It was a good movie and I thought that thepeoe who worked on it did a very good job.

I haven't read the book since I was in middle school (late 90's) but from what I remember it's pretty close to the book.

I would give it 5 stars for staying close to the book. 

I want to read the book again too so that is on my list of books to read.

Have a great night guys!

Pre-Order for Rampant!

I just checked Facebook and saw that Gemma James has set up pre-order for Rampant! 

This is the second book in the Condemned series. Torrent was the first book which I have read and Loved!!

Torrent is about Rafe who was sent to prison for 8 years on a crime he didn't commit. Now he wants his revenge but ravishes in a lovely young lady.

Rampant continues the story and I can't wait for it!!! I want to read it now! It comes out October 2014. 

I have to wait but.....

You should pre-order Rampant us but Torrent too.

Rampant is on pre-order for $0.99! That is a deal!!! Go pre-order now!

US store:
UK store:
CA store:
AU store:

If the links don't work, look up Rampant and let me know if the links work.

Here is a picture of the cover

So you now know what the cover looks like and go pre-order. Gemma James will be happy you did!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another book and thinking of changing my blog title

Okay I have been working and spending time with family, feels that it has been a lot longer since my last post but it's only been 4 days!

Anyways the book I read is: 

Come (The Fight Club) by Becca Jameson.

I enjoyed this book A LOT!!!! 

I also think I like buff men with tattoos. I like tattoos in general and I have 4 on my body.

This book is about Katy who is being stalked and she is a lawyer. 

One day she visits her uncle Joe and spots Rafe who is a MMA fighter (on the side)

Rafe has a secret that he wants to tell Ms. Katy but waits for a long time to even tell her!

Men if you have a secret, tell us! We woman don't like being kept in the dark!!!

Anyways Rafe likes being Dominant and he tells Katy his secret, will she run for the hills? Or stay with him?

You should read this book, I will warn that it is a erotic book that goes into the world of BDSM and is for mature audiences only!!!

Find out if Katy and Rafe stay together!

Such a good book and I'm reading the next one in The Fight Club Series.

I will try to post more this week but I'm going to read. Loving tattos and men, yum!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ulta Store

I posted maybe last week about Ulta. It's a store for makeup and hair products for men and women.

My first time in there was not great. I don't wear make up a lot so I didn't know what to get. I ended up getting Bare Minerals eye makeup kit. No one helped me either and I felt really horrible just standing there trying to figure out what to get.

The cashier didn't ask me if anyone helped or if I found everything ok.

I went to Ulta today and was hoping to have someone help me but nope, no one did.

I bought a starter kit for my face (foundation, bronzer, and finishing powder) by Bare Minerals.

I had to figure out my skin tone which I'm not good at and no one helped me! This is turning me off from even going into the store!

So I paid for what I bought and I tried it out when I came home.

I got the right skin tone which is awesome! I'm also hoping the starter kit will last me awhile but I need to get the brush shampoo to prolong my brushes.

So I'm not happy about going into the store because no one helps me. I'm a deer in headlights when it comes to makeup and I feel so out of place in the store!!

Anyways think I'm going to start shopping online from Ulta instead of going into the store.

Friday, August 8, 2014


Just saw the new Teenage Murant Nija Turtles movie and it was spectacular!!!

I had my doubts but I was blown away! I grew up with the turtles from the late 80's to early 90's and for this remake was awesome!!!

More later

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Author Groupies Link

Here is the link I promised for Author Groupies.

It is :

Check it out! 

I have found new authors and new books which I have a hard time looking for that next book to read.

Now go on over and check out author groupies and like them on Facebook!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Author Groupies

Here is a quick post on it and will put the link up tomorrow.

Author Groupies is a group on Facebook that will share new books that are coming out and ones that are already out.

You can click on links given and buy for the nook, kindle or other device you have.

They also have contests and authors go on to chat with fellow readers like myself and YOU!

I got to chat with Gemma James and it was fun! I entered the contests and I didn't win but that's ok.

So go find Author Groupues on Facebook!

My review and Author Groupies

I will do a better review on Author Groupies when I get home.

I did a review on Amazon for Gemma James for her Devils Kiss series. It will help readers decide if they want the book or not want it.

I did a review for Gemma on goodreads and amazon to help her out. I love her work and she and other authors deserve a review even if you don't like the series or book!

Always leave a review no matter what! The author appreciates what you have to say and if I was a book writer I would too. If you don't like the book or series or it just rubs you the wrong way, then let the author know by their website,blog or leave a review.

I think it is important to do that and I hope that people do.

Okay, I need to head over to the nursing home I work at to pick up a gift card (not sure what for) then I will do a review on Author Groupies after I get home.

I will also include the links too that way you can check it out.

Have a great day :)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Bare Minerals make up and Pur make up

I was working earlier when I posted.

I went to Ulta and not a Bare Minerals eye shadow kit and I also bought Pur foundation (bought on

I tried the eyeshadow and I also bought mascara too.

So I will post a before picture and then the after.


The after

Just to let everyone know, I'm not great at putting on make up. Never learned how so it looks a bit different.

I followed Bare Minerals directions and I didn't like how some of the eyeshadow came out.

I like the mascara and the foundation I used. It feels like I'm wearing nothing at all!

Now I have the app for Ulta on my phone and I already want to buy more Bare Minerals.

It is expensive but it's worth it! I don't wear make up a lot but I would buy Bare Minerals.

This is also good for your skin and if you have a job where you are always walking, this works for that too. 

Light make up that feels like you are wearing nothing!

Try it!

Make up!

I bought some make up and trying it out today. 

I am working but will post a review later

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Went to Ulta today and I didn't know where to even start. No one helped me either which makes me less confident and more like I'm a loser who can't afford to be there.

I did buy 2 things, mascara by bare minerals and eye shadow kit.

The store is makeup, hair products, skin products and they have a salon.

Maybe next time they will help me but that is wishful thinking.


Went to Ulta today and I didn't know where to even start. No one helped me either which makes me less confident and more like I'm a loser who can't afford to be there.

I did buy 2 things, mascara by bare minerals and eye shadow kit.

The store is makeup, hair products, skin products and they have a salon.

Maybe next time they will help me but that is wishful thinking.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Devils Kiss

I have read Devils Kiss series by Gemma James.

I will put out a WARNING!

This series is very explicit sexual material! Please DO NOT READ if you are younger than 18 years old!

Now for my review.

The first book was short but I liked where it was going. Strong make character (Gage) and Kayla who is just trying to keep her head above water with bills and debt that she has.

Next thing Gage finds out that Kayla has taken money and in return he wants her as a sex slave.

Of course if it was me I wouldn't be able to wrap my head around it either.

Well Kayla gets a BIG dose of reality when she goes for her first weekend.

Kayla also runs into Ian who is an old flame which reignites her live for him.

There is a great bombshell in this series that I never saw coming! 

Spoiler alert!!!

Ian is half brother to Gage!!! My mouth was hanging open when I got there and I was in shock! In a good way though.

Then starts the love Triangle!

This goes deeper into BDSM and Gage has a very dark past. He is very controlling too which made me love him but hate him at the same time.

I couldn't stop reading because the sex was very very steamy! I enjoyed reading the books.

I did think Gage was an asshole in book 3 and 4 but then he was the hero for Kayla.

This series is wayyyyy better than 50 Shades of Grey. I like that it's darker and more into BDSM and explored and very dark sign of Gage.

I give this series and author Gemma James 5 stars!!! I loved reading the series and love that I couldn't stop!

Go read this series! I loved and think you would too. :)

Read this series in 2 days.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Posting more

Ok I have read "The Devils Kiss" series and I'm going to post my review later today. 

I will say I couldn't put it down! I loved it and hated some of it but still had to keep reading!!

Ok I was looking a movies that were coming out on my Flixster app on my phone.

Even though the movies are a year wait or longer, I'm excited for some new stuff.

Also I may go to the movies this weekend but haven't decided. However I will be going to see Expendables 3 on the 15th! Love that movie and cast.

So many stars in it! I love that you can watch a good movie and have an all star cast in it.

Ok I will post my review later and the series is by Gemma James. I also need to put out a warning.

The series is sexually explicit material for people 18 years of age and older. It gets dark in this series and could offend some people. Please check out the series if you are 18 or older 

Thank you!