Friday, November 25, 2011

Thank You

I wanted to thank everyone that left a comment for me to have a happy Thanksgiving and Hope that all of you did have a great Thanksgiving too! I will be posting tomorrow for my story but I decided that the last bit I wrote will be taken out since it didn't gel with what I had already written.

I hope all of you are safe if you are shopping today, I know it was crazy at 10pm for Walmart last night.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Legend

Here is an update, I may re-write it again because I don;t like the very last part of it but let me know what you think of it.

As Sakura found out the truth of King Nathan and his family, she started a book and would hope that her spell would help keep evil away when it would be buried.  Nica had threatened Sakura one day in the country.

Sakura was going for a walk on her parents property in the country and  Nica had found her.

“Well well, it is you that has fallen in love with my brother who will be king but I deserve to be Queen!!!” Nica said.

“I don’t think you deserve to be queen Nica!” said Sakura
“I may not deserve it but I do and I will make you pay for it with death and your unborn child!” Nica said

“Brrrawwww…darkness follows while laughter hids where no light shall shine, bring forth evil on the unborn child of Sakura and the king, my brother” Nica shouted while jumping around Sakura in a wild dance.

Sakura didn’t know what to make of it but she went home and penned what happened into the book along with the incantation that Nica said, Sakura hoped that her unborn child would not die and that the child would be strong enough to bring down Nica When the time would come.

Sakura never told the king about the encounter and only told him of the news she was with child. Sakura wanted to be happy and have a happy life with her husband and their unborn child.

8 months had passed and the Sakura went into labor for many hours, she was in pain for she decided on a natural birth and wanted the child to come into the world free of any medicine that was may have been used.