Saturday, January 31, 2015

Guests for Anime Boston 2015 Part 1

Okay, I'm back and this is part 1 of 2 for the guests list for Anime Boston

The English guests that Anime Boston has announced so far are:

Cherami Leigh
Greg Ayres
Lauren Landa

Industry Guests:
Tom Wayland

Now I for some reason can't post pics with my tablet which bums me out but I will tell you a little about each guest.

Cherami Leigh does voices in many anime's including Black Butler and Fairy Tail. She plays Lucy in Fairy Tail and Lizzie in Black Butler, she also does Asuna in Sword Art Online.

I have watched all 3 of these shows and my fave is Fairy Tail. Sword Art Online is a great show too about an online game where it traps the player in and tey fight to break free, its very good and fun to watch what happens. Black Butler is ore goth style but a great show and the butler is SUPER!

Greg Ayres is a well known DJ and voice actor, he is always wearing headphones no matter where he is. He has played Ganta Igarashi Deadman Wonderland, its a messed up show but I couldn't stop watching and I must buy the show. I loved it even though its messed up but in a good way too.

He has also done Heihachi Hayashida in Samurai 7, I have not watched this show but I am curious if I would like it. Its on my list of what to watch.

Another voice he has done is Kaoru Hitachin in Ouran High School Host Club which I have watched, this show is funny and it's only 2 seasons I think. Wonderful show and you get to laugh a lot. It was big in Japan and then it came to the US and was a big hit.

Lauren Landa has voiced in many shows. She has done Kasumi in Dead or Alive 5, Kyoko Sakura in Madoka Magica and Annie Leonhardt in Attack on Titan. Attack on Titan is very popular with all anime fans and I have friends that LOVE that show. They cosplay charcters from it too. I did watch some of Attack on Titan once but it didn't appeal to me. The creators of the show that drew it did the same drawing as in Death Note but I just didn't like Attack on Titan.

Don't fret, I'm still going to give it another chance and see if I like it or not, sometimes I need to watch things alone and just get a good feel for the show or movie.

Now for Tom Wayland! He is awesome!!! This guy is a Yankees fan and will wear a Yankees jersey while in Boston and is not afraid to show his pride.

He has very long hair and likes it, he does acting, directing and loves to make music too. He   is the director for 8 seasons of Pokemon and has voiced many characters in it, more than anyone else I think.

He has many projects to his name and is well known. I have met him and he is really nice, great guys and I like that he shows his pride for the Yankees while in Boston. Many people in Boston are hardcore fan of  the Red Sox and the Bruins.

So that is what I have for part 1 and will post with part 2 on Monday or Tuesday. I will also add pics of all the guests that I have mentioned in this post tomorrow morning. I still have to figure out why my tablet won't let me post pics in blogger.

Thanks for looking and check back for more news on Anime Boston 2015!

Press Pass

I just submitted my application for a press pass for Anime Boston 2015. Hoping I get one and if not I can get a regular pass.

Anime is Japanese cartoons and this convention is always big. It's in Boston Massachusetts and I have been going for 5 or 6 years.

I love going and seeing who they have for guests because they have the actors who do the English voices and they bring in guests from Japan too.

The fun part is the AMV contest they have! Love what people do and love watching their videos they work hard to put together.

I will do a review on the guest list so far and keep everyone posted. So I now must put my car in the driveway and then look at the guest list.

More later.

Facebook Groups App

Have you downloaded the Facebook Groups Apps?

I have it downloaded and have not had any problems yet with it. It does help me stay in touch with groups because it shows you all the groups that you are in.

This app helps me out so much and I can keep track of which group has what in it.

So far no problems and I wanted to share with you.

Now to read and get some writing in

Friday, January 30, 2015

Life and other things

Well Life is okay but not the best, I will be reading tonight and hopefully finishing a book tonight but will see.

I am not working tonight or tomorrow which is nice and I hope to get a lot done. I haven't donemuch else but work and now I get 3mornings off which will be nice so I get to sleep in.

I scheduled an appointment to look at a apartment and I couldn't find the place! I found every other place but not the one  I needed. I drove around 4 times and could not find it, yes I used GPS and still coudn't find it. It also houses college students and Ijust need a 1 bedroom and no roommates.

I           also want to say Congrats to Allie Juliette Mousseau for making USA Best Seller list with her book DARE! It's number 61 on the list and the book is great! Roller coaster ride from begining to end. IIIIIIIIIIloved it and give it 10 stars!

Okay, not much else to report for now, i need to charge my tablet and keyboard. I left the keyboard on and I think it will need charging.

More Late

#alliejuliettemousseau #DARE

Monday, January 26, 2015

I'm Writing

I have always wanted to write stories but I'm not that good. I put an app on my tablet whee I can write and I started but I'm sure it doesn't make any sense and I'm not sure where the story should go.

I will keep writing and see what happens, I don't think I will publish it and my spelling sucks and I have bad grammar.

How does writing come so easy for other people?
I feel like I'm only good enough for work and not for anything else.

Okay I will try t post more later

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Just did Reviews

Just posted reviews on goodreads and Amazon for True North Book 2! Loving this series and I'm reading book 3 so hopefully I will be finsihed soon with that one.

I also need to start reding my other books I have on my kindle, there are so many and I have books at home that I am reading too.

Goal for books, read a little in each one and keep track using goodreads.

I'm feeling accomplished today and its not even noon yet on the east coast.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

True North Book 2

I finished book 2 of True North by Allie Juliette Mousseau.

This book is about Nate and Julia.

Nate has grown up with t he North family and really has a thing for Julia but knows she is off limits. He tries to avoid her but it doesn't work very well and it takes a trip to rodeo to have them both confessing there love.

Julia meets Piper who helps her get Nates attention and that is when they realize that they are madly in love with one another. They get together and take a longer trip back home after the rodeo.

Nate is always battling inner demons since his father beat him and he was protecting his sister from the abusive father. Dillon is now in jail but still haunts Nate and he has to face the issues or risk losing the one girl he loves.

I can relate to Nate, I not physically abused but went through mental and emotional abuse with peers and boyfriends. There are some good days and more bad days and it can get very difficult to open up to people.

Nate hides his emotions but it could tear him and Julia apart!

Julia does try hard to get Nate to open up but he just shuts her out and she is one strong female to stay by his side. She fights back and gets him to open up but she has doubt's at the same time. No relationship is easy but they figure out things.

Great book and 5 stars! Now I'm reading book 3 of True North and you should get these books!

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Originals

My tablet won't post pics!!! Grrrrrr.....

Anyways OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

I just watched this weeks episode of The Originals and the ending gave me goosebumps and shocked me!

Finn traps vampires while he kills Esther but is she really dead?!?! She drank human blood and is now a vampire so what is Finn doing?

Also Rebecka is in a house trapped and meets Cassie the harvest girl. They try to send a message but get one hell of a surprise!

I thought Freya was dead!!!! She's in a coffin locked way upstairs of the house! How did she get there and why isn't she dead?!?!?

Esther's sister took Freya as a sacrifice since Esther wanted kids and that was the deal, so she's still alive?!?

I hope Monday's episode answers some of my questions. Also there will be a season 3!!!!! 

I'm so excited!

True North Book 1

True North Book 1 Livie and Jakes story

I give this boo 10 stars!

I was gifted the book by Allie Juliette Mousseau and Thank You!!

This book was a emotional struggle with Jake and his past.  A young man who is trying to find his way in life and       decides to go off to war and prove his worth to his family. He is the middle child and needed to find his way.

After coming back, Livie who is best friends with his sister start to uncover the real hidden secrets of life while at war.

I say this is an emotional struggle for Jake because he goes through what most men and woman go through overseas for any military. There is always constant fear of dying, to be on your guard 24/7! You see friends die, or go home with limbs missing.

War is never easy and some of the biggest battles are when they come back home like Jake who has finally come home.

His family doesn't know what is going on.

Jake discovers that Livie is in love with him and always has been. She is in it for the long haul and takes time off from school to help Jake get a hold on life. This is true love.

Most girls would run for the hills but not Livie, she is one strong female even though she gets mixed signals from Jake before they discover that they both love each other.

I will say this was a great book and I love Jakes family who is there for him no matter what even though they do't know what his secrets are. They stand by him no matter what and I love families that do that.

A beautiful, funny, sad story that is written beautifully!

Go buy True North by Allie Juliette Mousseau.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Review Tomorrow

I am going to post a review tomorrow for True North Book 1, I will have more time and I can write a long review.

I will tell you it is by Allie Juliette Mousseau and Igive the book 5 stars!!!!

Great book and very happy,sad, loved, lost, war, fights and true love prevails! Go buy it today!!

More tomorrow

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Yes I posted my review but buy DARE 

Non stop action and roller coaster ride from beginning to end! It's $2.99 and well worth it!!!


10 Stars for DARE!!!

I give this book 10 stars and I LOVED it!!

Josh and Sophie are meant for each other no matter what there background is!

Sophie is the massage therapist and Josh a UFC fighter with a soft side.

Both have troubled pasts that may catch up with them but they fight hard and will fight to keep Charlie alive.

Family dynamics in this is wonderful and everyone is very supportive of everyone no matter what.

This book is action packed and quite the roller coaster ride! It made me laugh, smile, swoon and cry and I never cry reading.

So I urge you to check this book out!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Raven teaser!

Here is a new teaser for Raven, book 2 in the Halfway House series by Dzintra Sullivan

This book will be out soon!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Home sick

I left work early tonight due to a fever and cough. I know that the flu is going around and it is that time of year for it.

I feel like crap and I'm staying home tomorrow and resting! I hate being sick and rarely get sick. I did get a flu shot too.

This is what I stocked up on and I'm not sure if I will be up too posting but will see. I am going to try and get some reading done while home tomorrow and just relax with a lot of fluids.

Rules of Protection

I give Rules of Protection by Alison Bliss 5 stars!

I couldn't put it down and it was a roller coaster ride from beginning to end!

Jake who is a federal agent protecting a key witness in a murder investigation and this girl knows just how to push his buttons!

Emily does not like following rules and and has a very big mouth which will constantly get her in trouble and in swoops jake to make it all better.

There is an attraction between Jake and Emily but its takes them a long time to figure it out and come to terms with it. Emily also has her heart shattered several times but I know where she is coming from because guys are never clear when they tell us things. It may be clear to them but not to us females, sorry you males but you have to spell it out for us.

So Jake is protecting the witness and sees family and friends which help conceal the reason Emily is in the middle of nowhere.

So this book is a roller coaster plus mood swings plus jealousy and lots of sex, hot steamy sex between Jake and Emily!

The family and friend dynamic plus the adventure you get on a roller coaster ride the entire time!

Check the book out, if you want it lened just email me and we can chat or leave a comment here on the post.

Now to start reading DARE by Allie Juliette Mosseau

Sunday, January 11, 2015

As Above So Below

Here is my review for As Above So Below

It was not that great, I give it 3 stars and I honestly that is me being generous. I

like horror movies and I bought As Above So Below. Its losing its appeal half way through

I like the idea of using the catacombs and having atreasure down there and the gates of hell, but I find the movie lacking in the second half. The movie is like any other paranormal movie I have seen Its recycling what others have done before and using it to their advantage!

I'm already bored watching it and will be turning it off soon,  there needs to be more to this plot but of course the people that made it could not think of a better plot for the second half and it should have continued or explained the treasure a lot ore!

Anyways I am giving this movie a 3 star review, first half was great for a treasure hunt in the catacombs and it certainly lacks n the second half The ending sucks too,great three people got out but really bad ending.

Working but got Frostfire!

I got mail today and my case for my tablet came plus the book Frostfire by Amanda Hocking I was unaware that we get mail on Sunday now. I asked around and a few people told me that it could be from the holiday and that is why we get mail on Sunday.

Still I appreciate whoever delivered the package to my residence, its nice of you that you are working on a Sunday to deliver my package. Thank you

I will be reading Frostfire tonight and watching As Above So Below. I bought it today and decided to watch it before bed :) Nice scary movie before bed and I have an early morning tomorrow. Good luck to me.

Okay, going to do one more thing before I clock into work then home about 8ish I hope.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Minnesota in October!

I bought my ticket today for MidWestern Book Lovers Unite Confrence.

I'm excited!!!!!

I just need to book my hotel and then worry about transportation. I'm excited to be going and I have not been to Minnesota so this will be good for me.

The Confrence is in October and I have plenty of time to plan stuff out. I like when I have time to plan.

So I will be flying out on a Wednesday and come back Sunday, maybe Monday if plane tickets aren't too pricey.

Also I chatted with Jacob Wilson (high squeal!) and chatted with MJ Carnal.

I messaged Jake about 2 posters I ordered and have not received them. It's been over a month so I asked him and if he couldn't answer hen maybe point me to someone that could help. 

Jake is a busy person so I wanted him to know that I was in no rush. So he told what happened with the posters and he is waiting for a new batch of the right size.

He was happy that I was understanding and I am because it will be a nice surprise in the mail. 😍

MJ carnal got back to me. I really wanted to go on Book Splash 2015 cruise to the Bahamas. The agency never called me back so I will not be going. 

I need enough time in the medical field to request off so my shifts can be filled.

I pre-ordered 2 books and asked if the books could be shipped to my home since I won't be on the cruise. I even will pay shipping too which I have no problem doing.

MJ was very understanding and sent me an invoice with shipping included. And the cover models are going to sign along with MJ!!!!

Yes I'm squealing in a high pitch!!!!

Today has been wonderful and I'm happy that in going to Minnesita in October. Things are great!

Author event in October

I'm looking to go an author event in October. It's Midwestern Book Lovers Unite Confrence.

It gives me enough time to plan ahead and I can buy my ticket now and go as a blogger! 

I'm still looking at other events but figured I would do this one. Will post more later. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015


This was taken at 715a this morning and this is how cold it was!

It's supposed to be -11 tonight so I want everyone to be warm and safe!

With temps tired like this we all need to stay warm and not be cold or make our health worse.

I hope anyone that is homeless can find a shelter with the temperature dropping again tonight, please be safe.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New teaser part 2

Sorry for not posting yesterday, driving to Manchester took longer than I expected and on the way back home.

I was exhausted when I got home.

New teaser for today is.......

A new tease for Dare by Allie Juliette Mosseau.

I'm looking forward to this book.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Teasers!!

I have some new teasers for books!! I will post after I'm done chipping at ice. Hate when there is ice in the driveway.

So I will post in a couple hours or you can check out my review page on Facebook.

It's called Cassandra's Reviews

Monday, January 5, 2015

Need to vent

Ok I'm venting because a friend on Facebook didn't like a photo I shared. 

I'm okay that my friend didn't like it but I feel that his anger from waiting at an appointment for 2 hours spilled over to the photo I shared.

If you don't like a post or photo a friend has shared on Facebook, you have the option to unfollow the post.

I see things everyday on Facebook that I don't like or bother me but I either keep scrolling or unfollow the post. 

It's very easy to do, I know not everyone is going like what I post but it's my Facebook page (personal) and I will post what I want! 

Everyone can post what they want when they want! Freedom of speech!

So I'm just going to let the two people who didn't like the photo I posted do what they want. 

They post stuff all the time that I don't like but I don't comment on it or report it but they can relax, they post what they want and I will post what I want!

New teaser for Frostfire!

Frostfire is out tomorrow!!!! Super excited and it's by Amanda Hocking.

I lovers her Trylle series and I know I will love this book!

Saturday, January 3, 2015


I went to Kringles today with my aunt and uncle. They were having a sale and I bought some air freshened for the car and a candle.

I spent less than $30 today which is good! I wish I could have gotten more but I'm really working hard on saving money.

Also went to the Christmas shop too and bought tea there and I wish I had more money because I want to do the olive oil thing they have.

The oil is infused with lemon, lime, I think honey and other kinds too but I decided to go back at some point and get the olive oil.

So here are some pics of what I did today and Kringles is in Massachusetts 

This is the infused oil that I wanted to get but decided to go back for it at another time.

Friday, January 2, 2015

52 week money saving challenge!

Have you seen this?

It's a 52 week money saving challenge. I saw this on Facebook and I decided to try it for the 52 weeks!

I did buy a snoopy bank yes snoopy, it will hold the money from this challenge. 

I already have the first week done and put some extra change in the snoopy bank.

I'm keeping track with an app on my phone where I can see what is in what account. 

At the end of the year I want to put this money aside for a vacation to Europe but will see how it goes and will post about it too. :)

That is my news for today, have a great night!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

I stayed home celebrating last night. I was not the best person to be around and I didn't want to be a negative person if I had gone out.

Most days are not good and I'm always dealing with inner demons but I just didn't want to ruin everyone else's night.

Most people say they understand and I really don't think they do. This is a constant battle for me everyday! It's hard for me to be positive when everyone puts me down.

So I stayed in and watched NCIS.

It's not just one person either, it's everyone. I honestly feel like no matter what I do, it's never good enough and the other person thinks they are way better than me!

It's a hard battle and it sucks to be dealing with it everyday. 

So hoping to figure out a way to be positive and keep being positive.

One positive is my tattoos that I have. They are the only thing that makes me feel beautiful! That is the only time I feel beautiful and it's why I spend lots of money to get them!

This is what makes me feel beautiful