Saturday, January 24, 2015

True North Book 2

I finished book 2 of True North by Allie Juliette Mousseau.

This book is about Nate and Julia.

Nate has grown up with t he North family and really has a thing for Julia but knows she is off limits. He tries to avoid her but it doesn't work very well and it takes a trip to rodeo to have them both confessing there love.

Julia meets Piper who helps her get Nates attention and that is when they realize that they are madly in love with one another. They get together and take a longer trip back home after the rodeo.

Nate is always battling inner demons since his father beat him and he was protecting his sister from the abusive father. Dillon is now in jail but still haunts Nate and he has to face the issues or risk losing the one girl he loves.

I can relate to Nate, I not physically abused but went through mental and emotional abuse with peers and boyfriends. There are some good days and more bad days and it can get very difficult to open up to people.

Nate hides his emotions but it could tear him and Julia apart!

Julia does try hard to get Nate to open up but he just shuts her out and she is one strong female to stay by his side. She fights back and gets him to open up but she has doubt's at the same time. No relationship is easy but they figure out things.

Great book and 5 stars! Now I'm reading book 3 of True North and you should get these books!

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