Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Chapter 11 Dark Witch

Well onto chapter 11. Branna, Connor, ik a, Boyle, Fin and Meara all decide they are one and will all fight for the good side.

They still have dinner and then Iona tells then of her attack from Cabhan when she walked home for work.

Someone will walk with Iona to and from work for now do she won't be attacked.

Boyle needed a tonic for mick because he has been sick and Iona goes to get it buts gets more than she hoped.

Boyle kisses her in the back room and asks her to dinner in his Boyle way.

Well the next morning Iona decided to make breakfast and took the trash out but finds dead rats at the back door.

Connor sees it then Branna. They burn the rats at take the ash to the front of the house.

Connor figs a home, Iona keeps them dry and Branna makes the ray ashes become flowers.

That is one Cabhan will not like but he will be defeated. 

Next chapter

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Chapter 10 Dark Witch

Iona is practicing her magick in this chapter. Branna is teaching her how to control rain or I should say water.

Branna is dry whil Iona is soaked. Iona focuses and starts making the rain go away. After they are done they head inside to the workshop.

Meara was inside about to leave but Branna told her to stay. 

Branna and Meara chat about how Meara wanted to be blondes long time ago and how it looked bad on her. It was a week before she had Branna turn it back to her original color.

While they chatted Iona glamned up and she never has been good at it but this is magick.

Both Branna and Meara said she looked ready to go out to a pub and Branna did good work. 

They chat more and Connor shows up with Boyle and Fin. They all decide to make a soup and everyone is willing to help.

They all talk about magick and the curse that is hanging over Branna,Connor and Iona. It also hangs over Fin.

Fin comes from the same blood of Cabhan and has the pentagram which he shows to Iona.

They still make dinner and drink more wine and chat to enjoy the good times.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chapter 9 Dark Witch

Iona gets to lead her first group on the trails by herself and she enjoyed it.

After trail riding Iona is told to go to the big stables on Alastair and they headed over.

Now Iona can talk to horses  through her mind and Alastair took to a gallop but did something else on the way too.

He flew.

Iona isn't sure how it happened but it did and she got him back down to the ground.

They arrive at the stable and Fin tells Iona to go overthrow jump coarse so he can see what she has. Iona used to be an instructor back in the states.

Fin tells her she will be teaching today and the lesson is 30mins.

Fin leaves and Boyle shows her all the horses and Darling( the mare he won in the bet)

Well everything is good until he tells her him being interested is a problem.

I give Iona credit for being calm while trying to figure out Boyle but then he does it again, he kisses her!

Well she kissed him 2 more times! Then Kevin (stable hand) saw the whole thing and just smiled .

Iona gave her lesson and heads home after.  While walking she is on cloud 9 but then she notices she went in a different direction.

Well she didn't and knew Cabhan was making it a different direction for her. She tried to fight the wolf but her fireballs didn't work.

The hawk came down and ripped some of the wolf (Cabhan) apart and let Branna andvonnor know what is going on by mind if course.

They come to Iona and magick is more powerful when you have three. They putt all there energy into one to make light and got Cabhan to retreat. 

All three go back to the house and Iona tells them what happened and Branna decides that Iona needs someone to walk with her when she goes to work and coming home.

Chapter 8 Dark Witch

Boyle gets into a fight but didn't throw the first punch. Long ago he made a bet and won a mare. The guy that lost is still angry about it and wants more money.

So they get into a fight and Boyle goes back to work with swollen knuckles. 

Iona is looking at his hands and he realize it and tells her " in or out" so she goes and tends to his knuckles.

Boyle used to fight back in college to earn his tuition and he won every fight so for him it was nothing to get in a fight now but he always let the other guy throw the first punch.

Fin stops by and notices how Boyle has fallen for Iona even though she is Connirs cousin.

Boyle, Connor and Fin have been mates for a long time.

Now Iona is spending her last minutes at the hotel. She is moving in with her cousins today and gets quite a shock.

Boyle picks her up and she shows him her feather levitation when he thought she broke a pillow.

Well she read his signals wrong and long story short, he pulled her in and kissed her! 

Then he just took her suitcases to the truck and she followed. No words exchanged! 

How can that be when you kiss someone?!?!

Anyways they get to Brannas and Iona starts to settle in but Branna knows something is up.

So they get coffee and Iona tells Branna what happens.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chapter 6 & 7 Dark Witch

So I read two chapters in a row. This book is getting good!

So chapter 6

Iona got her job and started home or I should say to Brannas but she stopped at the vibes and braches that tangled together in the woods.

She lingered even though she was told not to by Branna and Connor but she did.

Iona was about to go through when kathel barked at her which brought her back to reality.

Iona went to see Branna and told her about it. Branna was happy she didn't go through but wasn't that happy about it because Cabhan was testing her.

Anyways Branna started teaching her some magik and Iona could do a flame in the palm of her hand and made water lift out of a bowl.

After Connor said he would buy dinner and Iona could buy the pint. So all three headed to the village.

Chapter 7
Iona met a lot if people at the pub who all said hi to Connor because they knew him.

Connor and Iona found Boyle and Meara sitting already so they grabbed the table next to them and chatted.

Things were good and all of them in good spirits.

After awhile Branna knew that fin was back and he sure was because he came into the bar.

He said hello to everyone and introduced homsekf to Iona.

Branna doesn't like Fin because Fin is of the same blood as Cabhan and he has the mark that Cabhan does when tegan put it on him.

Anywho, Branna left and Meara followed but made sure Iona had a ride home.

She got a ride back to Ashford castle with Boyle! She has such a crush on him!!!

So while driving fog rolls up and if course it's Cabhan and Iona can hear her name being called but Boyle can't hear anything. 

He's just trying to navigate while driving even though he knows the road very well.

The fog lifted and he walks Iona into Ashford and says hello to the desk clerk.

Boyle took the key and Iona (by hand) to her room and noticed that it was in the older part of the castle.

He unlocks the door and walks in after Iona to the desk and writes down his number for her in case anything happens.

He tells her to call Branna first and then him since he is closer. Anyways Boyle leaves and yells at her through the door to lock it. She did.

Iona was upset that she thought when Boyle walked in the room that he wanted something else but he didn't. She did get butterfly's though.

Iona told Meara about her sex dream and that she thought Meara and Boyle were a. "Thing" but they aren't.

Meara wanted to hear every detail of this dream and so do I but a fight was starting outside.

Boyle didn't get hurt but did a lot if damage to the other guy.

Good chapters and now onto the next one.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Chapter 5 Dark Witch

Iona met with Boyle and got the job. She was excellent with all the horses and Meara showed her around the stables.

Boyle came back with a stallion who need to be tamed.

Of course Iona is good with horses and can communicate with them too.

Doesn't help that Boyle is ruggedly handsome too, poor Iona has fallen for him.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Chapter 4 Dark Witch

So we now find Iona back at the Ashford Castle and she goes right to bed.

She dreams but is Teagan and sees Cabhan and he hurts her while Teagan tries to kill him.

Iona awoke with pain on her hand and saw blood so she runs into the bathroom only to notice it healed itself.

Iona couldn't sleep and went to see Branna. Well Iona met Connor who answered the door and then Branna woke up.

They make breakfast and listen to Ionavretrll her dream.

After Branna would teacher some small steps to protect herself and that Iona was to see Boyle at the stables.

Iona wants to stay and learn because she feels this is right for her, where she belongs.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Chapter 3 Dark Witch

We now meet Iona and don't get much of who she is but only find her in Ireland already looking to go find the dark witch.

She is staying in a castle and decided to explore in the woods. She gets list then finds her way to the house of the dark witch.

This is where we meet Branna who is a cousin to Iona. 

Iona does a lot of rambling because she is nervous and drenched from the rain, falling in the woods plus net a dog.

The amulet of the horse was passed into Iona and not her mother. Her mother is not open minded like Iona and didn't like Nan to teach magic.

After tea and whiskey Branna tells Iona to spend a week at the castle then stay at the cottage with Branna and Connor.

Iona has a big decision to make because Cabhan is stil out there and wants what the cousins have and wants there blood.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Chapter 2 Dark Witch

Finished chapter 2. Still in the dark ages and Cabhan still attacks Sorcha and her children.

This time he kills her husband as he took shape of a wolf. While riding home Daithi rode in darkness to get home but was killed.

Sorcha knew this and made a potion for her three kids giving them her power. Told them to find the clan O'Dwyer and tell of what happened. Her kids were sad but understood why they had to go.

Sorcha drank a potion then called Cabhan and told him to swear no harm to her children and she would give herself to him.

The potion she made will also protect the home too but the one she drank will poison Cabhan and kill him.

Now for chapter 3

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Dark Witch Winter 1263

This is chapter 1 of Dark Witch by Nora Roberts. I am reading this book and the next one comes out next month on the 25 th. This series is also known as "The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy. I just finished "The MacGregor Brides", this was next on my list.

Please enjoy my chapter reviews of Dark Witch.

Sorcha was heading home with her children and it was dark with bitter wind. She misses her husband and wishes he was home safe.

She lost a child but can easily heal people, she is the dark witch.

While Sircha and her children were heading home , Sircha could feel that someone would be liking in the shadows. She would put out her charms to protect her children but who is after her?

All her children have pets. There is a hound, pony and a hawk. Each child has a gift to each pet.

Now we get to meet Cabhan who is a dark sorcerer and wants Sorcha. He enters the dreams if the children trying to harm them.

Sircha finds out and makes a amulet to protect her children and any life that comes from them .

After Sorcha is tired and drinks a potion to sleep.

That is chapter 1.

Daniel Duncan MacGregor

Now that Daniel MacGregor has seen to his granddaughters being married and starting families, he now wants to nudge his grandsons along.

Guess I need to buy the book and get reading.

For now I will start reading Dark Witch and it came out October 29, 2013. Finally going to read it.

Chapter 30 MacGregor

Wow a great chapter!

Julia is back from Hyannis and the family Christmas holiday. She still thinks of Cullum and still wants him but won't call the guy.

She is very stubborn and so is Cullum. Doesn't surprise one bit.

If you don't let your guard down or take a risk then you will regret it the rest if your life or wonder "what if"

After Julia spills beer on Cullum he throws her over his shoulder and takes her upstairs!

She kicks and screams all the way up and still tells at him after he locked the door. 

After yelling they both say "I love you " to each other.

Best part is Cullum proposes after Julia asked him. Those two will make a great husband and wife.

Chapter 29 MacGregor

This chapter finds Cullum listening on his dad's phone conversation and that daft and grandpa MacGregor decided to push Julia and Cullum together.

Cullum finds out his dad was not sick at all! He was mad about that and that he was set up with Julia.

His father can see that Cullum and Julia are in love despite tempers flaring.

The best part is when culling fatger takes out acsatinboxwith his mothers ring in it. It's topaz and she wanted it passed on.

Cullum is late arriving to Julia's and she's angry at him . Cullum is angry about being late and getting a ticket for running a red light.

Julia shoves a present in his hands and he helps her with her bags but confronts her about being frosty towards him. 

Now they clash!

They yell at eachother and Cullum hands the gift back to Julia then goes to his truck then back to her to kiss her and say "merry Christmas " then leaves!

Julia gets in her car and tries not to cry.

Chapter 28 MacGregor

Julia's house is almost done and Gwen and Laura both came by to help decorate the Christmas tree.

While deco rotating Julia confess her love for Cullum when she talks about him.

Now she realizes she is in love and wants to get him to say. "I love you" first. 

Her cousin Gwen tells her that she notices the way Cullum looks at her and is in love with Julia just as much as Julia loves Cullum.

Well Julia cooked dinner which didn't finish because Cullum wants to go slow this time and savor her instead of being in a rush like they normally do when having sex.

Onto the next chapter!

Chapter 27 MacGregor

Finally at the part where they agree to have dinner, talk then sex.

Neither Julia or Cullum fussed about what they were going to wear and Cullum got KFC extra crispy.

My kind of date night.

So Julia states what she wants and she wants no strings attached and no lieing/cheating which means they are in a relationship no matter what.

Cullum tells her what he wants and before Julia can say anymore his lips are on hers.

Now they have sex with a fire in the background because Julia's bedroom is done and most suitable for the date/sex night.

Clothes are torn off and bodies pressed against one another with orgasam after orgasam hits both.

They pull the duvet cover over them and go at it again. They are like rabbits that just keep going and going and going.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Chapter 27

Well good chapter. 

The crew talk Cullum into a drink after work which ends up confirm inning that Cullum has a thing with Julia.

Now bets are in place and the crew watches him like a hawk!

Cullum also sees himself living in that house with Julia. He is daydreaming of her and she walks in! Lol

She loves how the kitchen is coming together and then goes upstairs to unpack.

Cullum helps her with the luggage and before Julia can speak his lips are on hers!

He wants her, no talk and no negotiating either but that is how Julia is.

Poor Cullum, he really wants her but she is keeping her distance when she can think.

Chapter 25 MacGregor

Alright  chapter 25

Julia flew home to her parents house. As she gets there she remembers her childhood and when she moved back in after her father was done being president.

Fond memories for her.

Boxy sees Julia and is very happy but mad at the sane time because Julia TD no one she was coming.

Both parents are very happy to see her and Julia fills them in on Cullum Murdoch.

After there chat, Julia's mom is worried and asks if it was a set up. Julia's father said no I'm absolutely sure Daniel MacGregor set this up!

Leave it to Daniel MacGregor to set up his granddaughter.

Chapter 24 MacGregor

This chapter heats up!!!!

Julia goes out shopping for Christmas gifts and baby stuff. Her cousin Gwen is 3 months along and Julia wanted to talk to her.

Julia wants Cullum but doesn't want to comprise the relationship she has with his father. 

She is like Gwen, have to think about everything before you do it.

Well Julia is packing to surprise her parents and in walks Cullum. He didn't knock either but it's good.

He goes into panic mode when he sees the suitcase and then finds out where she is going.

Before you know Cullum has his hands on her back and then touching her breasts and kissing her all at once.

She is in such a pleasure with his hands on her bare breasts that she really can't think but she does and backs away!

Why would you do that Julia?!? You could have sex in the middle of the day and enjoy it since you like Cullum so much!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Chapter 23 part 2

Ok this is the second part of my review.

Cullum is installing door knobs and it doesn't make him happy. His father told him that Julia was having a party and needed them installed.

That didn't sit well with Cullum.

While the door knobs were being installed Julia came home and not alone either.

She and Tod entered the house and he wanted one drink, more like sex.

Julia gave in ! 

You should never give in to a man that you don't like! Even if he can charm his way through any social outing!!!

Anyways Tod got frisky with Julia and kissed her and wanted more but she said no. 

Go Julia!

Tod didn't take no for an answer and tried to get her dress off but Julia fought back with her attitude and telling him to get out!

He leaves and Cullum cones down after watching the spectacle and Julia of course is mad that he saw everything.

Well after calming her down and showing one door knob to her, they were really close to each other!

You should be able to guess what happened next.

A kiss happened and not just a peck on the lips, it was a heated, passionate kiss!

Cullum also like her legs in the black dress she had on too.

Well the bad part is Julia just had to stop and think and tell Cullum to leave.

Now why would you do that? If you enjoyed the hot kiss why not take it further?!?!

Anyways Cullum left and thought fresh air would be better because he really couldn't think around Julia and her black dress.

Chapter 24 coming later today.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Chapter 23 MacGregor

So Julia has now gone antiquing and bought door knobs that she thinks will compliment every door in the house that she is rehabbing.

I have never met anyone that does that.

Julia takes the doorknobs by Mr. Murdoch (the father) to get his opinion. Before she gets in the office he hast to hide fudge brownies and a hotdog plus a game that his granddaughter got him. All was smuggled in!

Julia was concerned because he looked sick but he wasn't. After he would see that Cullum would tend to the doors.

More later

Chapter 22

Read chapter 22 and it's fun to see that Julia is getting flustered by Cullum. 

I like how she puts her hand on his knee when they talk about his dad and then Cullum skims her leg with his hand! She does get mad about it.

The more fun part is when her cousin Laura comes over with her 3 month old son and Julia is babysitting.

2 hours later the kid is screaming! Well he is teething and Cullum knows what to do despite that he took the baby out of Julias arms even though she didn't want Cullum to hold him .

Cullum is an uncle to 3 little girls and knows a thing or two.

So they head downstairs and look at what has been done and they are holding hands! 

Julia also notices Cullum and how his jeans fit, his toned arms and overall just checking him out!

Go Julia !

More later.

Last post chapter 21

My last post I did is on chapter 21 of The MacGrgor Brides not chapter 22. Silly me, I will be reading chapter 22 today.

I am going to read The Dark Witch after I'm done with this book. The next one in that series is out next month!

Now to read :)

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Chapter 22 MacGregor Brides

Now part 3 of the MacGegor Brides

Julia is next to settle down. Her grandfather and a friend of his have been planning for 6 years to get Julia and Cullum together.

Oh this will be good.

Julia gets very irritated with Cullum and they have known eacother for years! He does like her too and sniffs her hair!

By sniffing her hair, Julia freaks out on him and wants to go over what she wants done on the second floor and just wants an estimate.

Onto the next chapter!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Chapter 20 MacGregor

So read another chapter before work today. In this chapter Gwen gets a big surprise plus gets a one on one with her grandfather.

Gwen confronts her grandfather and is not happy that he meddled in her love life but he really didn't. All he did was arrange for Vranson to meet Gwen to discuss a book and medical terms.
Well Gwen had words with grampa and then heard her parents.

Her mom Serena didn't tell her what to do but to follow her heart and do what she felt was right.

Gwen did admit she is in love with Branson to both her parents. Her mother is very happy and dad is kind protective.

Anyways Gwen woke early after hearing noise and being up late.

She finds Branson outside the family home in Hyannis and  he brought all the 12 days of Christmas with him!

He told Gwen he wanted her and to make a happy life with through marriage, kids and her family.

Well Gwen accepted! 

Now onto the next part of the book: Julia

Chapter 19 after a long hiatus

Sorry been working way to much! Read chapter 19 of the MacGregor brides.

Branson has not been by the hospital but left a package with Gwen when she was not home.

He got mine ladies dancing and she loved them.

I didn't expect Gwen to go to Branson's hotel to thank him and he was in work mode plus sad at the same time.

He loves Gwen and Gwen likes to make reasonable decisions and make sure they are right for her.

No one has time to make right decisions, if you don't take the risk then you miss out!!!

The best part is when Gwen tells Branson she is in love with him!!!