Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chapter 9 Dark Witch

Iona gets to lead her first group on the trails by herself and she enjoyed it.

After trail riding Iona is told to go to the big stables on Alastair and they headed over.

Now Iona can talk to horses  through her mind and Alastair took to a gallop but did something else on the way too.

He flew.

Iona isn't sure how it happened but it did and she got him back down to the ground.

They arrive at the stable and Fin tells Iona to go overthrow jump coarse so he can see what she has. Iona used to be an instructor back in the states.

Fin tells her she will be teaching today and the lesson is 30mins.

Fin leaves and Boyle shows her all the horses and Darling( the mare he won in the bet)

Well everything is good until he tells her him being interested is a problem.

I give Iona credit for being calm while trying to figure out Boyle but then he does it again, he kisses her!

Well she kissed him 2 more times! Then Kevin (stable hand) saw the whole thing and just smiled .

Iona gave her lesson and heads home after.  While walking she is on cloud 9 but then she notices she went in a different direction.

Well she didn't and knew Cabhan was making it a different direction for her. She tried to fight the wolf but her fireballs didn't work.

The hawk came down and ripped some of the wolf (Cabhan) apart and let Branna andvonnor know what is going on by mind if course.

They come to Iona and magick is more powerful when you have three. They putt all there energy into one to make light and got Cabhan to retreat. 

All three go back to the house and Iona tells them what happened and Branna decides that Iona needs someone to walk with her when she goes to work and coming home.

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