Thursday, February 6, 2014

Chapter 22

Read chapter 22 and it's fun to see that Julia is getting flustered by Cullum. 

I like how she puts her hand on his knee when they talk about his dad and then Cullum skims her leg with his hand! She does get mad about it.

The more fun part is when her cousin Laura comes over with her 3 month old son and Julia is babysitting.

2 hours later the kid is screaming! Well he is teething and Cullum knows what to do despite that he took the baby out of Julias arms even though she didn't want Cullum to hold him .

Cullum is an uncle to 3 little girls and knows a thing or two.

So they head downstairs and look at what has been done and they are holding hands! 

Julia also notices Cullum and how his jeans fit, his toned arms and overall just checking him out!

Go Julia !

More later.

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