Monday, February 10, 2014

Chapter 29 MacGregor

This chapter finds Cullum listening on his dad's phone conversation and that daft and grandpa MacGregor decided to push Julia and Cullum together.

Cullum finds out his dad was not sick at all! He was mad about that and that he was set up with Julia.

His father can see that Cullum and Julia are in love despite tempers flaring.

The best part is when culling fatger takes out acsatinboxwith his mothers ring in it. It's topaz and she wanted it passed on.

Cullum is late arriving to Julia's and she's angry at him . Cullum is angry about being late and getting a ticket for running a red light.

Julia shoves a present in his hands and he helps her with her bags but confronts her about being frosty towards him. 

Now they clash!

They yell at eachother and Cullum hands the gift back to Julia then goes to his truck then back to her to kiss her and say "merry Christmas " then leaves!

Julia gets in her car and tries not to cry.

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