Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Chapter 3 Dark Witch

We now meet Iona and don't get much of who she is but only find her in Ireland already looking to go find the dark witch.

She is staying in a castle and decided to explore in the woods. She gets list then finds her way to the house of the dark witch.

This is where we meet Branna who is a cousin to Iona. 

Iona does a lot of rambling because she is nervous and drenched from the rain, falling in the woods plus net a dog.

The amulet of the horse was passed into Iona and not her mother. Her mother is not open minded like Iona and didn't like Nan to teach magic.

After tea and whiskey Branna tells Iona to spend a week at the castle then stay at the cottage with Branna and Connor.

Iona has a big decision to make because Cabhan is stil out there and wants what the cousins have and wants there blood.

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