Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Chapter 11 Dark Witch

Well onto chapter 11. Branna, Connor, ik a, Boyle, Fin and Meara all decide they are one and will all fight for the good side.

They still have dinner and then Iona tells then of her attack from Cabhan when she walked home for work.

Someone will walk with Iona to and from work for now do she won't be attacked.

Boyle needed a tonic for mick because he has been sick and Iona goes to get it buts gets more than she hoped.

Boyle kisses her in the back room and asks her to dinner in his Boyle way.

Well the next morning Iona decided to make breakfast and took the trash out but finds dead rats at the back door.

Connor sees it then Branna. They burn the rats at take the ash to the front of the house.

Connor figs a home, Iona keeps them dry and Branna makes the ray ashes become flowers.

That is one Cabhan will not like but he will be defeated. 

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