Friday, March 27, 2015

AB Schedule is up online!!!!

Anime Boston has posted there schedule online!!!! 

Guidebook wont have it for a few more days but I'm happy it's up! I have been waiting and waiting for the schedule. Now to really look at it and see what I want to go to.

Hope I won't miss to much on Saturday night because I'm going to a bruins game. I'm so happy for next week.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Alice shoes came today!

Okay, I'm reading and getting ready for Boston!

I'm dressing up as Alice from the 2010 version and my shoes came today!! High heel and worth the pain.

This is what they look like and it's a 4inch heel. Crazy I know but it's for a day.

I'm going to Anime Boston which is a Japanese animated cartoon convention. Kinda like Comic con just smaller.

Okay more tomorrow when I get home from the gym.

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Well I am not working a lot this week so I get to read more! Super excited to have time off and not work so much.

I have been bidding in an auction and I won an autograph book By Stacey Borel, its called Bender. I look forward to that in the mail.

Not much is new, just been working and trying to get things together for Anime Boston. Also I got another tattoo yesterday n Friday the 13th. I'm healing now and I love it! Now Ijust need to wait til fall and get my half sleeve in the winter. Its easier to heal and I can rest afterwarrds.

So for now, I am relaxing plus I am going to watch the third movie in The Night at the Museum series in a bit. I also want chocolate.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Not Approved for Anime Boston

I got a response back from Anime Boston about my press pass application. I was not approved and that is okay. It was my first time applying and I really did think there was a slim chance they would approve it. I was still hoping but in the end, I was not approved.

So I am going to apply next year for a press pass again but I am also going to review more anime as well as books and other things.

I may not watch a lot of anime but I am going to start. Never a bad time to start.

I still need to watch the rest of Deadman Wonderland too and Greg Ayers who voices Ganta will be at Anime Boston!!!! Super excited to get his autograph.

More guests were announced for Anime Boston and I will update about that too, schedule is not up yet but should soon since the con is April 3,3, and 5th. This may be a really good year.

I have had fun at Anime Boston before but this year with personal things going on, I think I may enjoy myself a little more. Also going to write reviews on panels I go to as well. I also have 2 photo shoots scheduled so I will post those pics when they are done.

Also Anime Boston is now capping the amount of people that go and may have to turn people away at the door. I'm glad I registert. I wasnt sure if I was going to be approved about the press pass so I  bought a weekend pass and good thing I did since I got the email today telling I was not approved for a press pass.

So I am going to relax before I go to work and let this post end. Its a long one.

I will update later in the week about the other guests that were announced for Anime Boston.

Friday, March 6, 2015


So I will be cosplaying as Alice "Um" from the 2010 Alice in Wonderland. I am also looking at another cosplay as a Greek goddess and the costume is a good deal. I may just get it next week and I already have a blond wig so I wouldn't have to worry about that.

If I could afford more I would get an Aphrodite costume but it can wait for next year too. I can always get this later but I am going to get the Greek goddess one.

Now I have been looking for other cosplay from anime I have watched and I am not finding much. I have tried on Amazon ad eBay. Found a few things on eBay but not a lot on amazon. So I will keep looking but there are good deals on amazon and that is where I got my Alice costume.

Okay, more later and in about 4 weeks I will be in Boston!! Getting excited for this years AB.

The song I chose for my countdown to the Bruins game is Too Cool To Dance, I am dancing while sitting on my bed enjoying the song.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Over 51% on my reading!

So my last post I wanted to get halfway through the book Epiphany part 2. I am 51% into the book and its good! Loving all the awkward moments and the near sex that almost happens.

Ugh the sex need to happen and I want to  know who the hangman is but I'm sure that its not who I am expecting.

Gemma James wrote this book and I got an ARC for an honest review    and I LOVE it!!!

I won't spoil it fo ryou so I won't say more.

Also I think Igot the authors name wrong in my last post and I am very sorry for that. The author is Gemma James.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Music and Books

Many authors that I have read listen to music when they write. I love it when they include a playlist in the book so you know what song inspired that chapter.

I'm listen to music right now and it's Spin Cycle on Iheart radio. I listen to this station a lot even when I'm at the gym working out.

It motivates me and I love the mixes they do. 

Yes I listen to other stations on it as well but I LOVE Spin Cycle the most. Keeps you going.

I'm going to read this week and will see how far I get in Epiphany part 2 by Gemma Michaels. I'm at 20% so my goal is to reach 50% by Thursday. 

Will post my results on Thursday night after I get home from work.

Have a great day