Saturday, March 7, 2015

Not Approved for Anime Boston

I got a response back from Anime Boston about my press pass application. I was not approved and that is okay. It was my first time applying and I really did think there was a slim chance they would approve it. I was still hoping but in the end, I was not approved.

So I am going to apply next year for a press pass again but I am also going to review more anime as well as books and other things.

I may not watch a lot of anime but I am going to start. Never a bad time to start.

I still need to watch the rest of Deadman Wonderland too and Greg Ayers who voices Ganta will be at Anime Boston!!!! Super excited to get his autograph.

More guests were announced for Anime Boston and I will update about that too, schedule is not up yet but should soon since the con is April 3,3, and 5th. This may be a really good year.

I have had fun at Anime Boston before but this year with personal things going on, I think I may enjoy myself a little more. Also going to write reviews on panels I go to as well. I also have 2 photo shoots scheduled so I will post those pics when they are done.

Also Anime Boston is now capping the amount of people that go and may have to turn people away at the door. I'm glad I registert. I wasnt sure if I was going to be approved about the press pass so I  bought a weekend pass and good thing I did since I got the email today telling I was not approved for a press pass.

So I am going to relax before I go to work and let this post end. Its a long one.

I will update later in the week about the other guests that were announced for Anime Boston.

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