Saturday, April 16, 2011

5 More Days!

First: It has been way too long since I last made a post and I am going to do it now. I'm also waiting for food to be delivered.

The reason for my title is Anime Boston and it is 5 days away! It's crazy and I'm excited too!!! I am trying to get a lot of cleaning done and pack some then get everything together and have it on Franklin St Wednesday night. I have to work both jobs that night and yea my plan is:

Bring luggage to Franklin St, go to work both jobs then park at home in the morning and walk to Franklin St. Sleep for a few hours til Jen comes to pick me and Miranda up. I may fall back asleep in the car ride to Concord then sleep more on the bus. Not sure yet because I may be too excited  to sleep.

I am trying to do a lot of cleaning and yea, it's going ok but I need to get more done. I have to buy one more thing and I should be all set I hope. *sigh*

I should have planned better for this but I will for next year. Crazy to think I have stuff picked out for next year and I will need to buy the items soon. I did buy a bento box on ebay and it is on the way. Of course I won't get it til next month but that's ok, I may get one at the convention. I also bought divider cups on ebay too and it was 1 dollar! to hold the veggies.

Other than that, I don't have much else to say.