Saturday, July 30, 2011

Staying Home

Normally i would be at the movie theater tonight to watch anime but I think I will stay home and do some writing. I went to Water Country yesterday and went to my cousins baby shower today so I am very tired.

I am hoping to post by Wednesday with more for my story. I may have to go to bed early cause I am falling asleep. Lots to do.

Monday, July 25, 2011


So I did more writing and still working on it.

here it is:

“Hey Klohe, what is wrong?” asked Matt.

Matt walked up behind Klohe and could tell by her slouching that something was upsetting her. Matt always knew when Klohe was upset or sad and he could feel every emotion she was having when he would get close to her.

“Nothing is wrong Matt, just Mary being the jealous person she is. You know how she is and it’s ok, nothing to worry about. How are you?” asked Klohe

“Well then, I should walk you to your class or you will be late and besides I am much better company than Mary. Did you find anything interesting in the book I lent you?” asked Matt.

As they walked down the hall to Klohe’s class, Klohe tried to remember but was the symbols she saw. She could not remeber anything else.

“The symbols look familar to me but I don’t know what they mean and there is a riddle with my family’s legend. I feel like I should know what it means but I don’t and it’s frustrating!” said Klohe

They walked down the science hall and made a right turn to the math is was Klohe’s first hall, this was Klohe’s first class and Matt had science class.

That's what I wrote and I'm hungry so I will be making dinner. I will try to post more next week or sooner if I can. Thanks for reading my stuff! :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I did more writing but it's not a lot. I'm having temporary writers block. Anyways I hope this is good and gives some insight to who "Matt" is. Hope you like it.

“Mary! You don’t know anything about Matt at all and you judge him from the outside and don’t want to know him! I think you are jealous because Matt is my childhood friend and he knows me better than you!” Said Klohe.

“What ever Klohe, I know Matt well and he is just manipulating you and you are letting him. I have to get to class since I have a test, I will see you later.”

Klohe never understood Mary and why she was always jealous of Matt. Matt was a kind guy who cared for Klohe and really knew her better than Mary. Matt and Klohe have been friends from birth with the same birthday and grew up together..

When Matt was around Klohe, she felt safe with him and felt warm inside. Even though they are not around each other like they used to be, Klohe still feels safe when Matt is around. Klohe could never guess why but it has been that way since they were born.

I'm not sure if this was 250 words but I will try writing more and post it next week Monday. I hope to make it longer too. Oh, if I am missing punctuation marks or anything like it just let me know.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Not too Bad

I have been a little stressed out lately, it's over my student loans but I am doing better now. I have done some more writing and will post it up. I hope it makes sense and that I didn't stray from my story line either.

Other than writing, working and sleeping, not much is new but the weather has been nice and it's not humid anymore :). Here is more of my story, if anything was repeated I do apologize.

She remembered why and she still couldn’t figure out the symbols but she pushed it aside and got ready for school. She picked out a long sleeve shirt that was red and a pair of jean pants for school and her hair was straight.

Klohe met up with her friend Mary on the way to school but she didn’t notice because Klohe’s mind was on her family legend.

Why are some of the symbols familar to me? I don’t get it and everytime I look at the symbol for water, I see water not in reality but in my mind and it surrounds me. Why? Thought Klohe.

Hello?! Klohe?!?! Earth to Klohe! said Mary

These thoughts that were running through Klohe’s mind were keeping her up late at night. It made her feel more like herself, like where she belonged and these symbols were calling to her. Finally Klohe noticed her friend Mary trying to get her attention.

Hi Mary, sorry just my family legend” they both said in unison.

I know Klohe but you really need to give it a rest and study for school, your grades are not that great and if you want to go to Duke University, you need to get your grades up! Besides, how much sleep did you get last night? I can tell you were up late, said Mary.

I know Mary and I was up until 4:20am, Matt gave me a book on legends and my family legen.....

Wait, what?! Matt gave you the book!? Mary asked shocked.
Yes he did, he is not a bad guy Mary! He is my friend and he thought I might like to read up on legends and read about my family’s legend, said Klohe.

Matt is not to be trusted at all and he is only after you because he knows how to manipulate you! You need to stay away from him Klohe! Mary said.

Let me know what you think even if you didn't like it! I am now going to do a few things and relax since I have the weekend off and do more writing.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Really Stressed!

I did do more writing but need to swap it around. I did some background on the family history and not sure if it was the right time to introduce it. I'm just really stressed out with a friend at the moment.

Anyways I am going to work on it more tonight and hopefully post a section this weekend. I need to order some food cause I am hungry and watch some more movie trailers.

Conan looks really good! I still love the 80's version of Conan but Jason Momoa is HOT!!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

More Stuff

Well I am here and I forgot my paper to write with since I wanted to do more writing this weekend. It's ok, I think I can still write and keep it safe til I post it here and of course would love feedback too! Always good to have feedback.

Nothing new with me, at Jens house watching Netflix on the PS3 which is nice!!!!! Luke fixed the lock on the door and I am relaxing. Looking at new computers or I should say laptops and found one that I like. The one I like is a MSI, a company I never heard of till Nate said something to me about it.

It is 500 dollars but I have saved 300 so maybe I will get it sooner than later but I will figure something out. Jen is at work and I am here and later watching anime  on the big screen.

So I am going to write and hopefully post it tomorrow or on Monday so you guys can give some feedback. Also Happy July 4th to everyone! Be safe on Monday.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Movie and stuff

Watching "The Hole", which is confusing but it's not that bad. Nate fixed my computer for the time being but I will need a new one which is not good because my money I saved was for car insurance.

I will figure out something. Anyways I have not done any writing lately but I am going to try when I go home after the movie. Not much is new but it is the holiday weekend and I have a few cookouts to attend.

I have a 3 day weekend so I hope to get a lot accomplished espically on writing. Will post more later.
Computer is fixed!!!