Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I did more writing but it's not a lot. I'm having temporary writers block. Anyways I hope this is good and gives some insight to who "Matt" is. Hope you like it.

“Mary! You don’t know anything about Matt at all and you judge him from the outside and don’t want to know him! I think you are jealous because Matt is my childhood friend and he knows me better than you!” Said Klohe.

“What ever Klohe, I know Matt well and he is just manipulating you and you are letting him. I have to get to class since I have a test, I will see you later.”

Klohe never understood Mary and why she was always jealous of Matt. Matt was a kind guy who cared for Klohe and really knew her better than Mary. Matt and Klohe have been friends from birth with the same birthday and grew up together..

When Matt was around Klohe, she felt safe with him and felt warm inside. Even though they are not around each other like they used to be, Klohe still feels safe when Matt is around. Klohe could never guess why but it has been that way since they were born.

I'm not sure if this was 250 words but I will try writing more and post it next week Monday. I hope to make it longer too. Oh, if I am missing punctuation marks or anything like it just let me know.


  1. hi bellacassandra my friend said to look at ur blog b/c you were writing a nu story. well i want to let u know that I like the way ur story is developing. i also like it because i dont know what to expect and that makes it fun, because i cant wait to read more anyways, thanks lily

  2. Excellent!
    I wish you to overcome the crisis as soon as possible.

  3. Thank you Lily for commenting and glad you like it so far. I will be posting more on Monday.

    Firefly: thanks for the encouraging words and I hope to overcome my crisis too.

  4. hi-
    i don't know if you already covered this question, but can you give a hint of what your story will be about. i looked at some of your prior blogs and did not see anything about what type of story thsi would be. what you've written is pretty good though. good job. tahnks.

  5. Hi Zack,

    Thanks for commenting and I wanted the story to be a paranormal story with a legend in it. I think I put in a post awhile back but if you didn't find it, that's ok.

  6. thank you for responding. i like your legend idea coupled with the paranormal. i guess as you keep writing the story will better fall into place. thanks for sharing your story.