Monday, July 25, 2011


So I did more writing and still working on it.

here it is:

“Hey Klohe, what is wrong?” asked Matt.

Matt walked up behind Klohe and could tell by her slouching that something was upsetting her. Matt always knew when Klohe was upset or sad and he could feel every emotion she was having when he would get close to her.

“Nothing is wrong Matt, just Mary being the jealous person she is. You know how she is and it’s ok, nothing to worry about. How are you?” asked Klohe

“Well then, I should walk you to your class or you will be late and besides I am much better company than Mary. Did you find anything interesting in the book I lent you?” asked Matt.

As they walked down the hall to Klohe’s class, Klohe tried to remember but was the symbols she saw. She could not remeber anything else.

“The symbols look familar to me but I don’t know what they mean and there is a riddle with my family’s legend. I feel like I should know what it means but I don’t and it’s frustrating!” said Klohe

They walked down the science hall and made a right turn to the math is was Klohe’s first hall, this was Klohe’s first class and Matt had science class.

That's what I wrote and I'm hungry so I will be making dinner. I will try to post more next week or sooner if I can. Thanks for reading my stuff! :)

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