Saturday, July 2, 2011

More Stuff

Well I am here and I forgot my paper to write with since I wanted to do more writing this weekend. It's ok, I think I can still write and keep it safe til I post it here and of course would love feedback too! Always good to have feedback.

Nothing new with me, at Jens house watching Netflix on the PS3 which is nice!!!!! Luke fixed the lock on the door and I am relaxing. Looking at new computers or I should say laptops and found one that I like. The one I like is a MSI, a company I never heard of till Nate said something to me about it.

It is 500 dollars but I have saved 300 so maybe I will get it sooner than later but I will figure something out. Jen is at work and I am here and later watching anime  on the big screen.

So I am going to write and hopefully post it tomorrow or on Monday so you guys can give some feedback. Also Happy July 4th to everyone! Be safe on Monday.

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