Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Today and cold weather

My morning has been rough and the negative temps outside are not helping.

Just wanted to post even though I have no anime to talk about. I'm not in a good mood and hoping to be in a better mood by tonight.

Think I may look up a random anime later. So I don't remember the last time I posted but just wanted to do a quick update.

Not much longer til Anime Boston and hopefully I can enjoy that mini vacation.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

A guest is Not attending Anime Boston

It has been posted by the Anime Boston website that Tom Wayland is not going to attend this year. I'm unhappy about it but these things happen and he has prior commitments that has taken priority.

He's a great guy and always fun at Anime Boston, sad that he can't attend.

I did wan tot ell everyone that reads this blog and if you do, thank you!

I'm going back to wtching Deadman Wonderland and its good! I will update later about it.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Deadman Wonderland

I'm finally watching Deadman Wonderland and it makes more sense now then the last time that I watched it at aaa friends house. I walked in when she was halfway through.

I am now getting more of the story and its sad about the kid who is on deathrow but its still a great anime to watch!

So I am still watching it and then watch a movie, I finally have a night off and I'm going to relax. I just need to move the car later and it is going to get cold tonight in New Hampshire.

So back to Deadman Wonderland

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Anime and walks

Okay, having some issues but don't fear I'm ok and just walking to and from work.

With that said, I bought Deadman Wonderland on Amazon.

It was$20 plus shipping. Great price and since its bed time for me, I will watch some of it tomorrow night.

The walk today has made me tired. More later

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Deadman Wonderland

I just realized that I never did part 2 of my Anime Boston guests! I will do it by Sunday night. We have been getting snow storm after snowstorm here in New Hampshire and other states have had worse. I will post it by Sunday night eastern time. Sorry guysss.

In other news I bought Deadman Wonderland from Amazon. It was $20 plus $5 for shipping, I know other sites would charge way more and this is why you need to look around and see who has the better price.

I think Amazon has good prices and I'm excited to be getting it! Amazon says it will be delivered by Sunday but we will see. Anyways I did watch half the first season but started in the middle one day.

My friend Jen was watching it and I went over and of course she was halfway through it. Its a fucked up show but soooooo good! Greg Ayers does a voice character in it. When I go to Anime Boston, I am getting his autograph on the case!

So that is my anime news for now, still waiting to hear if I am getting a press pass but it's only been a week It think. Its okay if I don't get one because I can buy a regular pass to get in. Its my first time I have applied for a press pass and hoping I get one.

Here is to hoping for a press pass and hoping that we won't get a snowstorm this weekend. Stay safe if  you are getting snow and stock up on supplies plus watch anime!!!!

Check out Deadman Wonderland, I will post some pics later today from the show. My tablet still likes to be stubborn and not post photos for me.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pics of Guests for AB Part 1

Here are the pics for the guests of Anime Boston part 1

Lauren Landa

Cherami Leigh


Tom Wayland

I'm looking forward to meeting all of them in April.

I will post part 2 by Tuesday morning. 

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!

Having difficulties

Having a problem posting so will try later, saved the post and it should work.