Saturday, February 7, 2015

Deadman Wonderland

I just realized that I never did part 2 of my Anime Boston guests! I will do it by Sunday night. We have been getting snow storm after snowstorm here in New Hampshire and other states have had worse. I will post it by Sunday night eastern time. Sorry guysss.

In other news I bought Deadman Wonderland from Amazon. It was $20 plus $5 for shipping, I know other sites would charge way more and this is why you need to look around and see who has the better price.

I think Amazon has good prices and I'm excited to be getting it! Amazon says it will be delivered by Sunday but we will see. Anyways I did watch half the first season but started in the middle one day.

My friend Jen was watching it and I went over and of course she was halfway through it. Its a fucked up show but soooooo good! Greg Ayers does a voice character in it. When I go to Anime Boston, I am getting his autograph on the case!

So that is my anime news for now, still waiting to hear if I am getting a press pass but it's only been a week It think. Its okay if I don't get one because I can buy a regular pass to get in. Its my first time I have applied for a press pass and hoping I get one.

Here is to hoping for a press pass and hoping that we won't get a snowstorm this weekend. Stay safe if  you are getting snow and stock up on supplies plus watch anime!!!!

Check out Deadman Wonderland, I will post some pics later today from the show. My tablet still likes to be stubborn and not post photos for me.


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