Monday, October 29, 2012

Did some more :)

I wrote more to my story. I'm not sure if I will put it on here.

I'm still working a few things out and want it to be a surprise in case if I put it on amazon but will see if its good enough.

I'm not the best writer out there but when you look at this blog, read it and comment on it or what I have written makes me happy.

So I'm up late well it's late for me and I need sleep. Will post again soon.

New character and hurricane Sandy

Well I have had writers block but did decided on another character but will this character be a love interest or be very scandalous?

Hurricane Sandy has made landfall and the east coast is getting it bad. Right now we are getting high winds and rain but its not pouring out yet.

Will be working on my story and working in general but for now relaxing and writing.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Write more

After posting yesterday I wrote more to my new story. It's not much but it's something to start with. Working at the nursing home today so I need to change and make a dinner for work tonight.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Started the story

I started another story and hope it will stay short. I'm still working on it and only have 2 pages so far. Trying to write a good story is hard but I am determined to write one. Will post it soon or tonight since I won't have internet til next week.

Going to try to worite a short story

Okay, I will be trying to write a short story, not sure when I will post it but that is my goal this month. It may be bad and it may not but I have always wanted to write but start to and never finish.

That is why I am going to do a short story. I hope it comes out well and I will post some hints to it when I get a chance. I will be posting on my other blog on here so you can always read that too.

More later.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Long Time

I'm still on hiatus from what I was writing, not sure if I want to continue either but I will try. Things have been crazy in my life recently but hoping to have a few days to myself.

Will post more later.