Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Bought Arkadia by Dzintea Sullivan for my kindle. I'm loving it so far!!! 

I'm really tired and don't want to stop but I need sleep. Ugh I hate that I'm working at 8am!!

Here it is

It's on Amazon for $0.99! A great deal and very good. This book is for 18+. There is sexual content and not intended for younger people.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Facebook page

I have made a Facebook page also called Cassandra's Reviews.

I just update with pictures my friend took yesterday and she has a photography page too. 

My friend Jen did an amazing job! The pictures were taken around Swanzey, NH and it was a beautiful day for them.

I will post my pics then you should check out her page on Facebook and its under Sakura Diamond Photography 

This is my favorite one out of all of them.(above)

That is the set and go check out Sakura Diamond Photography on Facebook! 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Deadman's Wonderland

I'm at my friends house before going to work and she is watching Deadman's Wonderland. It is an anime which is Japenese animated cartoons.

I don't get much time to watch new anime or tv but I do follow tv shows from itunes and a season pass.

The creators of  Eureka 7 (may have misspelled) and its a very messed up anime but really good in a twisted way. I'm not sure what episode we are watching but I like what I am seeing. This would be for 17+ if you decide to watch.

I still haven't figured out what they are fighting for but its good.

There is this little girl and she is scary when she is trying to kill someone and she doesn't care who she kills but her eyes are huge right now!!! Creepy face too but great for a cosplay!!

This little girl has some serious issues from her mother, poor child in this series.

Anyways it's worth checking out even though it is messed up but still check it out!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Apple Iphone

Yes I'm going to complain about apple.

I have the iphone 5 and lately it has been freezing up on me and restarting. Yesterday I get a notice that there is and update so I clicked on it to start updating. Usually when I update with ios I don't need to be connected to itunes.

Well yesterday I needed to be connected. My phone kept showing me that I needed to connect to itunes and I couldn't because I was working and when I'm home, I don't have internet.

So I haven't had a phone for over 12 hours and it does suck but is nice too. So here I am at work where I can use my laptop and connect and restore my phone since it still wont update.

This sucks because I use my phone a lot to update on here and on facebook. So when I couldn't update I was bummed out. I have now learned to be coneccted to the internet and itunes when an update is available to avoid this problem in the future.

I will be posting more when I get the apps downloaded so I can post more on my facebook page and on here.

I have a review page on facebook and it is public so if you get a chance check it out! Its called "Cassandra's Reviews"

I don't have a link yet but will provide one soon.

Monday, October 20, 2014

New earrings

So I bought earrings from Tophatter (app) and I can say I didn't expect them to be so big! They are gorgeous and a little heave but great for a costume or cosplay.

I wanted to do a black and white 40's photo and used and app called photogene to get the black and white.

No they are not real but work well with any dress or cosplay especially if you want to be a princess.

Pumpkin Festival, Keene, NH

I wanted to write about the Pumpkin Festival that is in my home town. 

It's a 24 year tradition that I have grown up with in my 30 years of life. It's fun and wonderful to see what carvings people do.

You can see the costume parade, run a race and go down with family and enjoy the day.

There is wonderful food from vendors that raise money for their place of employment like the fire departments, EMS, and many others.

It's a wonderful festival and we try to break our own record every year and sometimes we don't but we still have the festival and enjoy our time. 

People come from overseas too just to see our pumpkin festival. It's a great tradition that I will miss if we don't have it next year.

Here are some pics that I took before walking to my second job Saturday.

That is what I got while walking.

Sadly riots broke out near KSC campus and a lot of damage was done. Not just to our reputation as a town and as a festival but as a whole.

There were out of state students from Rhode Island, Conneticut and from UNH that destroyed a lot of things. I'm not sure how many KSC students were involved but it shows that this generation only cares about themselves and no one else.

I'm going to add pictures of the destruction that was done and the aftermath of all the destruction.

They made the gym a triage center

Fire trucks and a bus by the gym. The dinning commons is roped off

Papuan way that connects to Main St, 7 ambulances were out front

Trash and cans everywhere

Stop sign laying on the ground

WMUR news 9 was there reporting.

Students and other people tipped a car over and decided to dance on the undercarriage of the car.

We made national news for the wrong reasons and it makes me sad that these riots happened.

Students from KSC got up the next day and cleaned up a lot of the trash and that makes me happy they did. I do know that some students were not involved and I'm happy they are upset about the events that took place.

The people that were involved will not care about their actions on Saturday October 18, 2014. They only care about themselves and think they are invisible! They are not!!!!

I hope they are charged with everything plus the damage costs! They deserve to be held accountable for their actions!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


I wanted to share quickly before I go to bed that I bought a makeup case from Ulta about a week ago.

It was $20 and it came with a lot of make in it which is a steal if you ask me! I'm looking forward to trying everything and it did include brushes which helps me out. 

Anyways here are the pics 

All this for $20!!!! Go to and buy it! It's worth the $20 with all this makeup. 


My better post on The Mermaid's Pearl

First here is a picture of the book cover.

This book is about mermaids and humans and one very adventurous mermaid!

Raewyn is a rebellious girl who wants things back to the old way where her people could choose their suitor. 

Well after some treasure hunting with her best friend, she's caught by a pirate! She wishes upon the moon for legs and then has to deal with human pirates.

This story is about love and finding true love and yourself.

Aiden is a handsome pirate who is a great gentleman to Rae even though Aidens crew doesn't know his background.

True love with treasure hunting and sadness bring this story to life! 

I loved the book and would highly recommend this to anyone (18+) and give it 5 stars!

I don't want to spoil it for you so go read it!

The Mermaid's Pearl by Brooke Kennedy

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

More Originals!

I will make this a quick post and do a better post tomorrow.

The Originals are getting good! So much family drama and Kol and Finn in different bodies. 

Esther is trying to do her worst for this family and Michael (father) wants to kill his bastard son.

More later.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Allergy bad

Ok world, I have been absent but I had a very bad allergic reaction to a cat Saturday night.

I was at a friends watching a movie and the cat wanted attention so I patted her. 

I must have rubbed my eye (left eye) and it was red and swelling up! So my friend said to wash my hands and I did then wanted to look in a mirror to see if any cat hair was in my eye.

I didn't think it was bad but when I saw my eye it was bad. So I came home and took Benadryl and would see how it was this morning.

I talked to a nurse that I work with before going to the ER and she said yes so I went. I went to find out if there was any hair or an infection.

Gladly there was neither and my eye was irritated so I just need to take allergy medicine and remember to wash my hands after petting Tabitha.

I have never been diagnosed with allergies until last year and I have one to one medicine and now cats.

Not happy but glad to know I will be okay.

This was Saturday night when I got home after petting Tabitha.

It was not fun with that swollen eye.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Early work day

Got a wake up phone call from work at 6am this morning!

I will try to post after I'm done working but not making any promises. I did finish a book that took me 2 months to read.

Okay I need to get to work since I start at 7am.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Season 2 episode 1 of The Originals

So the second season of The Iriginals has started!

I was not expecting Cami to sleep with Marcel and for Klaus and Elijah to be stuck in there home.

The Gurreas take over the city but forget one thing, never mess with an original.

Klaus and Elijah plan a wolf hunt to get back all the rings that were made so klaus won't be weakened every full moon. The rings were for the wolves so they wouldn't turn every full moon.

So begins the wolf hunt! Hailey, Klaus and Elijah make a plan to take down all the wolves with the rings.

So in the end klaus gets his strength back and he uses real blood as paint but I don't know what he is drawing when he dies this.

Cassie aka Klaus's mother is plotting against her children with Finn aka Mr. Griffin.

We also learn in this episode the Kol is back too as Caleb who shoes interest in Davina.

Davina needs to be careful because she is in for a world of hurt!

Davina also hds Klaus's father Michael as a hostage in the attic where she stayed before the wolves took over the french quarter.

Michael is bound there and can't escape until Davina lets him go. She wants to protect her friends before letting Michael go so he can kill Klaus because Michael is not the father of Klaus.

The other best thing is the music in the show, you get to listen to a wide variety and listen to jazz, blues and everything inbetween.

I love using the Soundhound app and see what songs are what. Down in New Irkeabs there is a lot of music and it's always beautiful to listen too.

So my thoughts on the first episode are:

1. Be careful what you wish for

2. Don't mess with Cassie aka Klaus's mother

3. Davina needs to stop flirting with Caleb aka Kol.

4. Always read the fine print on every property.

5. Take back the city

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Today I felt like a loser but was happy too. It was a strange thing today plus drama from a family member. 

I'm going to focus on other things and not the drama!

Good news is I read a little more of The Mermaids Pearl and going to read some more tonight before bed.

Well I hope to post more tomorrow 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bed time

Well I'm off to bed after this post. I have an early day plus not getting home TIL 9p from work so I need sleep.

Today wasn't bad but it rained and was not a nice day. 

Anyways got a lot of reading done today which is good.

More later

Alysons Orchard

Lazy day today!

Today is going to be a lazy day! It's going to rain according to the radio for Keene and may be heavy at times.

I'm also glad I went apple picking yesterday at Alyson's Irchard yesterday when we had beautiful weather!

It was very peaceful picking apples and there was no noise either. I love the country where you can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

I will post pictures later today of my apple bag and I'm going to watch movies today. 

I'm also going to finish Aarow season 1 which I have on Blu ray (got it for $20 when it was originall $40 at Target).

Will post about it later too. Now I'm going to work for a bit then watch Arrow and do laundry.

Lazy day it is!

Friday, October 3, 2014


Hopefully will be updating more and posting more reviews for books, movies, and everything else.

Family stuff going on and it sucks but trying to take it day by day.