Friday, October 24, 2014

Deadman's Wonderland

I'm at my friends house before going to work and she is watching Deadman's Wonderland. It is an anime which is Japenese animated cartoons.

I don't get much time to watch new anime or tv but I do follow tv shows from itunes and a season pass.

The creators of  Eureka 7 (may have misspelled) and its a very messed up anime but really good in a twisted way. I'm not sure what episode we are watching but I like what I am seeing. This would be for 17+ if you decide to watch.

I still haven't figured out what they are fighting for but its good.

There is this little girl and she is scary when she is trying to kill someone and she doesn't care who she kills but her eyes are huge right now!!! Creepy face too but great for a cosplay!!

This little girl has some serious issues from her mother, poor child in this series.

Anyways it's worth checking out even though it is messed up but still check it out!

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