Sunday, October 12, 2014

Allergy bad

Ok world, I have been absent but I had a very bad allergic reaction to a cat Saturday night.

I was at a friends watching a movie and the cat wanted attention so I patted her. 

I must have rubbed my eye (left eye) and it was red and swelling up! So my friend said to wash my hands and I did then wanted to look in a mirror to see if any cat hair was in my eye.

I didn't think it was bad but when I saw my eye it was bad. So I came home and took Benadryl and would see how it was this morning.

I talked to a nurse that I work with before going to the ER and she said yes so I went. I went to find out if there was any hair or an infection.

Gladly there was neither and my eye was irritated so I just need to take allergy medicine and remember to wash my hands after petting Tabitha.

I have never been diagnosed with allergies until last year and I have one to one medicine and now cats.

Not happy but glad to know I will be okay.

This was Saturday night when I got home after petting Tabitha.

It was not fun with that swollen eye.

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