Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Season 2 episode 1 of The Originals

So the second season of The Iriginals has started!

I was not expecting Cami to sleep with Marcel and for Klaus and Elijah to be stuck in there home.

The Gurreas take over the city but forget one thing, never mess with an original.

Klaus and Elijah plan a wolf hunt to get back all the rings that were made so klaus won't be weakened every full moon. The rings were for the wolves so they wouldn't turn every full moon.

So begins the wolf hunt! Hailey, Klaus and Elijah make a plan to take down all the wolves with the rings.

So in the end klaus gets his strength back and he uses real blood as paint but I don't know what he is drawing when he dies this.

Cassie aka Klaus's mother is plotting against her children with Finn aka Mr. Griffin.

We also learn in this episode the Kol is back too as Caleb who shoes interest in Davina.

Davina needs to be careful because she is in for a world of hurt!

Davina also hds Klaus's father Michael as a hostage in the attic where she stayed before the wolves took over the french quarter.

Michael is bound there and can't escape until Davina lets him go. She wants to protect her friends before letting Michael go so he can kill Klaus because Michael is not the father of Klaus.

The other best thing is the music in the show, you get to listen to a wide variety and listen to jazz, blues and everything inbetween.

I love using the Soundhound app and see what songs are what. Down in New Irkeabs there is a lot of music and it's always beautiful to listen too.

So my thoughts on the first episode are:

1. Be careful what you wish for

2. Don't mess with Cassie aka Klaus's mother

3. Davina needs to stop flirting with Caleb aka Kol.

4. Always read the fine print on every property.

5. Take back the city

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