Saturday, August 27, 2011


I may not post for a week because hurrican Irene is coming up the coast and the eye of the storm is supposed to go over my town. Im not happy about this. Not sure if we will lose power either but need to be safe.

Will try to post soon but may not til after the hurricane.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Thank you to everyone that has left feedback!!!! I will try to post on Friday this week and hopefully post weekly from now on.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

More Writing!

Since my friends mom cleaned the house, I stayed home because I knew she would put me to work on my vacation. I wrote a lot more and hope I have answered some of the questions that some people brought up.

I added a new character, well actually 2 new characters. One is Harper and the other is Nannaoo pronounced nana-ooh but it may change later.
 Well here it is:

“Well then I am Harper, nice to meet you....?” Harper said.

“I am Klohe, nice to meet you too” said Klohe.

With the introductions out of the way, Harper kept staring at the science teacher and Klohe didn’t like it even though she felt comfortable around Harper.

“Did Harper have magical powers?” Klohe thought.

“Class, can I have your attention please?” asked Mr. August

Everyone stopped talking to give Mr. August their full attention. Mr. August was tall and had a bad leg so he walked with a cane. He wore glasses and his hair was dishelved.

“I want to teach you about a legend that was passed down to me by my parents. This legend has a powerful city in it with a royal type family and only they can activate the true power of the city.” Mr. August said.

With this small amount of a legend Mr. August had everyone’s attention. 

When Mr. August smiled, it was in a creepy way but he only smiled at Harper.

 Klohe raised her hand to ask where the city was and she was not called on. 

Klohe didn’t know why Mr. August didn’t call on her but what she did notice was everyone in the class looking straight ahead and not saying a word.

This was unusual for Klohe’s science class because everyone always talked but now they were silent, even Harper was but she was smiling, why?

“I want everyone to take notes on this because there will be a quiz onit later in the week” said Mr. August.

As my parents told me this story, I listened everytime they told it to me. The city is in another dimension and the only way to get there is by a secret entrance only located somewhere in Greece. My parents didn’t know how to get to the secret opening but they told me you need “royal blood”. The royal family rules the city in a polite manner, everyone got along and were happy except for one royal who was not happy. This royal’s name is Nannaoo. She did not like the way this hidden city that is surrounded by water was being ruled.

 Nannaoo wanted to rule differently and make everything dark where nothing would grow and everyone would be miserable. She always liked the dark side of things and she wanted to kill the heir to Silver Star City.

Nannaoo’s brother had found out and left his oldest son in charge so he could take his wife and daughter who was the heir to the city, take them away to safety and wait til the young girl would be old enough to gain her powers and knowledge.

No one knows why the oldest son was left in charge, some say he was very strong and could stand up to Nannaoo but the real challenge was for his sister to put her away for good.

Since the departure of the king and queen and their daughter, no one has seen them or knows where they went. I was told the daughter would gain powers over the waters and be able to control them anyway she would like, she could move mountains and move the city by herself but there is no proof for she has not returned to the city.

Some say Nannaoo has people working for her that like the dark side and say they have tracked down the heir to Silver Star City and will destroy her and her parents to keep everything dark, that is why we keep having rain and no sunshine as my parents would tell me.

“So are there any questions before you go?” asked Mr. August

“Mr. August, if the heir is still alive, how did the story get out?” asked a student finally out of her gaze of zombieness.

“I asked my parents the same thing and they told me they followed a traveler into the city and were told the story by the traveler but in no means, follow strangers” said Mr. August.


“Off you go now, get to your next class” said Mr. August as the bell rang letting students know they had another class to get to.

Klohe gathered up her things and out of the corner of her eye she could see Harper smile at her evilily, Klohe didn’t know what to make of it but she wanted to find Matt and talk to him about her. Matt may know something about it but she would ask her brother Chris too.

Klohe left the classroom and turned right as she went out the door, she knew Matt was in science class and it was not too far from her class. As she got there Matt walked out.

“Matt, we need to talk right now!” said Klohe very seriously.

“Wow Klohe, nice to see you too but what’s up with you? Matt asked while Klohe was pulling him out into the hallway.

“Sorry Matt but something weird happened in my class and I think you might know about it. Even the teacher is creepy and gives me evil looks plus a new girl named Harper showed up today and she seems to be in love with the teacher.”

Slow down Klohe and start again, who is Harper?” asked Matt even though he has heard the name somewhere but couldn’t remember where.

“Harper is a new girl but not sure where she is from. She kinda looks like me but has brown eyes and darker brown hair. Even the teacher smiled at her which is weird and he always looks at me from behind his computer.”

“Also my teacher told the class of a legend that his parents told him about a city surrounded bu water and the only way to get there is to find the entrance in Greece.” said Klohe

“I have never heard of that Klo, besides how would the teachers parents know that the secret location is in Greece? I think he made the story up and just wants to test everyone’s brain activity” said Matt

“Why are you so concerned about this legend Klohe?” asked Matt

“I’m not sure, it feels like this hidden city is calling to me, saying help us.......” Klohe trailed off as she had a vision of Harper sitting on a throne chair and ruling the city.

This is what I have done on my vacation, love the feedback and I hope you like it.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Computer Problrems

I was going to post what I wrote yesterday but my computer is acting up so I hope I cam get it and prnt it out. Not sure why my computer is being like this but I am going to try and reme.ber what I wrote and write it on paper. Will update when I can.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Few Surprises

Fisrt I want to thank everyone that comment on my story and it helps me too. Thank you!!!!
Second: My cousin gave birth to a baby girl yesterday and I can't wait to meet Alexis!

I did more writing today and I'm happy with it. My next challenge will be to move it forward but the good news is I have answered some of the questions that people left when they commented on my posts.

I have been watchin past seasons of Hell's Kitchen and writing at the same time. I hope to post what I have witten and hope to move the story foward more.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Did write plus it is beautiful out!

I did write more to my story finally and I am happy plus the weather outside is beautiful!!!! I will be taking a 8 day vacation from work and I hope to write alot while on vacation plus work on my tan.

I added a new character to the story but I haven't named them but it's ok because it can be a mystery until I figure out the name. Also I do need to move the plot a little more because I think I am taking to long to get to the legend and the history behind it. That will be my goal, to write more on vacation and move the plot ahead.

Here it is:

After Math class, Klohe was walking down the hall to her next class when Jane bumped right into her as she rounded a corner for the science hall.

“Klohe! I am so sorry about bumping into you and about earlier but I think Matt is a bad influence on you and I really think he will hurt you.” said Jane

“Hi Jane, look I have know Matt since I was little and I trust him completely and I don’t understand why you can’t just be happy for me Jane” said Klohe

“You had the dream again, didn’t you?” asked Jane

“I did and I have extra Math homework because I fell asleep in class....” Klohe was interupted when Matt came around the corner behind Jane. Jane jumped about a foot in the air when Matt yelled....”Boo!”

“Matt! I hate you!!!” yelled Jane

“That is nothing new from yo Jane besides what are you doing in the hallway? Don’t you have some boy to impress?” asked Matt

“No I don’t and I was talking with Klohe, it’s girl talk so buzz off” said Jane with an attitude of a girl who doesn’t like to be told no.

“Stop both of you! I don’t like it when you guys act like this and really if you hate eachother that much, just marry eachother! I have science class to get to and have other things to do”

Klohe walked down to her science class and took her seat in the back where she always sits. The science teacher was weird just as everyone said.

The science teach looked over the top of his computer at Klohe but she could only see his eyes. He did this everytime she had science class and Klohe was not sure why but he did make her feel uncomfortable.

A new girl walked in  with loose curls that was a deep chestnut color. She had bright brown eyes and a smile that made you feel comfortable in her presence. Klohe and he saw her hand a piece of paper to the science teacher he just nodded.

The new girl came to the back where the desks were and asked Klohe if she could sit down.

“Hi, mind if I sit here?” the new girl asked

“No, you can sit down” Klohe said.

Klohe could not take her eyes off this new girl but she didn’t know why and what was drawing Klohe to this girl? Klohe didn’t know how to open her mouth and ask the girl who she was and where she was from only because Klohe could not take her eyes off of her.

That is all I have for now but I will write some more tomorrow and the rest of the week and hopefully be able to post it.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

More to write

I was hoping to post yesterday but I haven't written anything since my last post. I have been at work and home and got inspiration from both places. I hope to post more on Monday and if I don't, I will post Tuesday.