Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chapter 8 Dark Witch

Boyle gets into a fight but didn't throw the first punch. Long ago he made a bet and won a mare. The guy that lost is still angry about it and wants more money.

So they get into a fight and Boyle goes back to work with swollen knuckles. 

Iona is looking at his hands and he realize it and tells her " in or out" so she goes and tends to his knuckles.

Boyle used to fight back in college to earn his tuition and he won every fight so for him it was nothing to get in a fight now but he always let the other guy throw the first punch.

Fin stops by and notices how Boyle has fallen for Iona even though she is Connirs cousin.

Boyle, Connor and Fin have been mates for a long time.

Now Iona is spending her last minutes at the hotel. She is moving in with her cousins today and gets quite a shock.

Boyle picks her up and she shows him her feather levitation when he thought she broke a pillow.

Well she read his signals wrong and long story short, he pulled her in and kissed her! 

Then he just took her suitcases to the truck and she followed. No words exchanged! 

How can that be when you kiss someone?!?!

Anyways they get to Brannas and Iona starts to settle in but Branna knows something is up.

So they get coffee and Iona tells Branna what happens.

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