Sunday, February 9, 2014

Chapter 24 MacGregor

This chapter heats up!!!!

Julia goes out shopping for Christmas gifts and baby stuff. Her cousin Gwen is 3 months along and Julia wanted to talk to her.

Julia wants Cullum but doesn't want to comprise the relationship she has with his father. 

She is like Gwen, have to think about everything before you do it.

Well Julia is packing to surprise her parents and in walks Cullum. He didn't knock either but it's good.

He goes into panic mode when he sees the suitcase and then finds out where she is going.

Before you know Cullum has his hands on her back and then touching her breasts and kissing her all at once.

She is in such a pleasure with his hands on her bare breasts that she really can't think but she does and backs away!

Why would you do that Julia?!? You could have sex in the middle of the day and enjoy it since you like Cullum so much!

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