Friday, January 9, 2015

Minnesota in October!

I bought my ticket today for MidWestern Book Lovers Unite Confrence.

I'm excited!!!!!

I just need to book my hotel and then worry about transportation. I'm excited to be going and I have not been to Minnesota so this will be good for me.

The Confrence is in October and I have plenty of time to plan stuff out. I like when I have time to plan.

So I will be flying out on a Wednesday and come back Sunday, maybe Monday if plane tickets aren't too pricey.

Also I chatted with Jacob Wilson (high squeal!) and chatted with MJ Carnal.

I messaged Jake about 2 posters I ordered and have not received them. It's been over a month so I asked him and if he couldn't answer hen maybe point me to someone that could help. 

Jake is a busy person so I wanted him to know that I was in no rush. So he told what happened with the posters and he is waiting for a new batch of the right size.

He was happy that I was understanding and I am because it will be a nice surprise in the mail. 😍

MJ carnal got back to me. I really wanted to go on Book Splash 2015 cruise to the Bahamas. The agency never called me back so I will not be going. 

I need enough time in the medical field to request off so my shifts can be filled.

I pre-ordered 2 books and asked if the books could be shipped to my home since I won't be on the cruise. I even will pay shipping too which I have no problem doing.

MJ was very understanding and sent me an invoice with shipping included. And the cover models are going to sign along with MJ!!!!

Yes I'm squealing in a high pitch!!!!

Today has been wonderful and I'm happy that in going to Minnesita in October. Things are great!

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