Friday, January 23, 2015

The Originals

My tablet won't post pics!!! Grrrrrr.....

Anyways OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

I just watched this weeks episode of The Originals and the ending gave me goosebumps and shocked me!

Finn traps vampires while he kills Esther but is she really dead?!?! She drank human blood and is now a vampire so what is Finn doing?

Also Rebecka is in a house trapped and meets Cassie the harvest girl. They try to send a message but get one hell of a surprise!

I thought Freya was dead!!!! She's in a coffin locked way upstairs of the house! How did she get there and why isn't she dead?!?!?

Esther's sister took Freya as a sacrifice since Esther wanted kids and that was the deal, so she's still alive?!?

I hope Monday's episode answers some of my questions. Also there will be a season 3!!!!! 

I'm so excited!

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