Sunday, January 11, 2015

As Above So Below

Here is my review for As Above So Below

It was not that great, I give it 3 stars and I honestly that is me being generous. I

like horror movies and I bought As Above So Below. Its losing its appeal half way through

I like the idea of using the catacombs and having atreasure down there and the gates of hell, but I find the movie lacking in the second half. The movie is like any other paranormal movie I have seen Its recycling what others have done before and using it to their advantage!

I'm already bored watching it and will be turning it off soon,  there needs to be more to this plot but of course the people that made it could not think of a better plot for the second half and it should have continued or explained the treasure a lot ore!

Anyways I am giving this movie a 3 star review, first half was great for a treasure hunt in the catacombs and it certainly lacks n the second half The ending sucks too,great three people got out but really bad ending.

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