Friday, August 15, 2014

Pre-Order for Rampant!

I just checked Facebook and saw that Gemma James has set up pre-order for Rampant! 

This is the second book in the Condemned series. Torrent was the first book which I have read and Loved!!

Torrent is about Rafe who was sent to prison for 8 years on a crime he didn't commit. Now he wants his revenge but ravishes in a lovely young lady.

Rampant continues the story and I can't wait for it!!! I want to read it now! It comes out October 2014. 

I have to wait but.....

You should pre-order Rampant us but Torrent too.

Rampant is on pre-order for $0.99! That is a deal!!! Go pre-order now!

US store:
UK store:
CA store:
AU store:

If the links don't work, look up Rampant and let me know if the links work.

Here is a picture of the cover

So you now know what the cover looks like and go pre-order. Gemma James will be happy you did!

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