Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another book and thinking of changing my blog title

Okay I have been working and spending time with family, feels that it has been a lot longer since my last post but it's only been 4 days!

Anyways the book I read is: 

Come (The Fight Club) by Becca Jameson.

I enjoyed this book A LOT!!!! 

I also think I like buff men with tattoos. I like tattoos in general and I have 4 on my body.

This book is about Katy who is being stalked and she is a lawyer. 

One day she visits her uncle Joe and spots Rafe who is a MMA fighter (on the side)

Rafe has a secret that he wants to tell Ms. Katy but waits for a long time to even tell her!

Men if you have a secret, tell us! We woman don't like being kept in the dark!!!

Anyways Rafe likes being Dominant and he tells Katy his secret, will she run for the hills? Or stay with him?

You should read this book, I will warn that it is a erotic book that goes into the world of BDSM and is for mature audiences only!!!

Find out if Katy and Rafe stay together!

Such a good book and I'm reading the next one in The Fight Club Series.

I will try to post more this week but I'm going to read. Loving tattos and men, yum!

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