Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ulta Store

I posted maybe last week about Ulta. It's a store for makeup and hair products for men and women.

My first time in there was not great. I don't wear make up a lot so I didn't know what to get. I ended up getting Bare Minerals eye makeup kit. No one helped me either and I felt really horrible just standing there trying to figure out what to get.

The cashier didn't ask me if anyone helped or if I found everything ok.

I went to Ulta today and was hoping to have someone help me but nope, no one did.

I bought a starter kit for my face (foundation, bronzer, and finishing powder) by Bare Minerals.

I had to figure out my skin tone which I'm not good at and no one helped me! This is turning me off from even going into the store!

So I paid for what I bought and I tried it out when I came home.

I got the right skin tone which is awesome! I'm also hoping the starter kit will last me awhile but I need to get the brush shampoo to prolong my brushes.

So I'm not happy about going into the store because no one helps me. I'm a deer in headlights when it comes to makeup and I feel so out of place in the store!!

Anyways think I'm going to start shopping online from Ulta instead of going into the store.

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