Friday, April 18, 2014

Part one of Shadow Spell

I'm going to do 2 parts to this first chapter. There is a lot information in it and I think it needs to be shared in. 2 parts. 

We learn about all 3 children, their cousins and more about Cabhan. 

Autumn 1268

Eamon out on the water near his cousins cottage. Birds are singing and chirping and the rooster doing his usual thing.

Home for 5 years at their cousins cottage.

Dreamt of home and some dreams were real where he could smell the fire and lavender that Sorcha wove for good rest and good dreams.

Eamons great need for his mother brought her to help guide him. She told him that he would one day return home, to the place he always called home.

Sorcha tells him he may not be able to kill Cabhan but even if it takes a thousand years, someone from their blood will kill Cabhan  just like the mark left on Cabhan will pass down his blood line.

Eamon started walking back to the cottage after catching more fish and put his arm out when he heard a screech. 

The hawk Roibeard, swooped down onto his arm. Eamon talked to him for they were connected.

Eamon talked of his dream and about his mother visiting him. He also looked to see if Cabhan was looking for him and his sisters but he was not.

Brannaugh did what was expected of her and helped with everything for the last five years.

Their cousin Ailish had a baby at the breast or in her belly. I think Ailish needs to slow down on the baby making.

I do not have kids but that has got to be tough when you are nursing a baby and have one growing in you.

Well I guess it helps with the harvest and good to have a lot of siblings so you won't get bored.

End of part 1

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