Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Chapter 20 Dark Witch

Well back to reading! Branna is working Iona very hard plus Meara with sword fighting. 

Iona has kept herself very busy and not notice Boyle being nice and trying to make things right with her.

Iona is at the stables and looks at Spud (horse) who won't eat and it seems only like a belly ache. Iona takes care of it and gets Spud medicine to help.

Boyle was very close to her and pretty much brushed up against her. I think he enjoyed it even if he didn't try to look like he was.

Iona decided to try to notice the small things about him and what he does for her.

Iona is helping Branna with dinner as the guests arrive.

Iona sees the little red car and laughs because Connor and Boyle drove it to the house and they were cramped in it.

Iona sat in it and fit just fine and then found out its a birthday gift! Everyone chipped in and paid for it!!

Meara went with Iona for her first drive and they made it safely back. Iona made a thank you speech then opened her gift from Nan. A pretty blue jumper and she went to try it on.

Next chapter, almost done with this book and onto the next!

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