Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chapter 20 Dark Witch

Ok, everyone is gathered at the cottage to discuss about the what is going to be done to Cabhan. 

Iona makes a valid point that everyone is fighting for love, friendship and family. Everyone agrees and they eat dinner.

Iona headed to work the next day and the wolf was inside! He charged at her but Iona was quick with a shield spell but felt it crack.

She took the shield down  as Cabhan charged again but he went through the doors to the light.

He turned into a man and told Iona he would spare life and everyone life if she would give him her magik. 

Iona didn't and would never and she had company show up too. The hound, hawk and horse knew what was going on plus fin and Meara showed up as well as Connor and Boyle.

After Boyle stayed with her for a bit then showed her a birthday gift that he got for her.

He got her a saddle and had it engraved with her name and Alastair names on it.

After Iona went to see Boyle and ask him to have her for a night. To feel the touch for a night before they go and fight.

Well she was satisfied and I can understand why she would want Boyle for a night. I would too if I was going to fight a dark evil the next day.

More later

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