Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chapter 21 Dark Witch

So I left off when Iona went to Boyle and wanted him for a night.

It was morning and she was done showering so she wanted to tend to Alastair before heading home.

Fin ride with her and went over the plan that Branna had come up with.

Iona also went to get ready and to make charms for Alastair so he would be protected.

It was now time to go the Sorchas cabin and wait for Cabhan to arrive. Iona made a circle and finished even though Cabhan showed up.

He threatened Iona (of course) and said he would take her power away by just one kiss like he did with Sorcha.

Iona fought him with her sword and did hurt him a little but he hurt Alastair more then the others arrived.

The hound, hawk and Boyle came. Meara and Fin were there with Branna and Connor.

Boyle hit Cabhan and burned his hands while doing it but Boyle used to box.

Iona was worried about Boyle and about Alastair but the spell that was said didnt work.

Cabhan left with the fog and Branna is not sure what went wrong.

Need to read the epilogue then onto the next book of this series.

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