Saturday, April 12, 2014

Shadow Spell

Ok, I finished Dark Witch and have started Shadow Spell. I have not finished the chapter but hopefully will soon and put up a review. I'm excited to start the next book and looking forward to what happens with Connor and Meara.

Watching some Hell's Kitchen at the moment and relaxing today. I got done yesterday after a 12 day stretch of working. The extra money will be good though so I can't complain and I worked at the nursing home last night too.

Last night went fairly well even though I got switched to the other side.
On a random not: There are pennies on the floor at Hell's Kitchen. Gordon is teaching them how much money went out the door when they can't cook beef the proper way and it's a lot!

Okay back to last night, I got switched and was not happy about it but my night was not bad. It went nice and smooth and I had a good time at work.

So I will post a chapter review of Shadow Spell when I am done and I hope that will be soon.

Thanks for viewing!

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