Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chapter 17 Dark Witch

Finally! I have read a chapter!!!

Ok, Iona wakes up hungover but she had a lot of fun with Meara and Branna. They drank, danced and did sing.

Iona got up to get ready for work and took a potion Branna made which helped the hangover.

Iona gets to the stables and Boyle is shocked to see her because he expected her to not come in today.

Well he was wrong!

Iona said very little to him and it drove him mad. He didn't know whether to tell or not tell at her.

He wants to fix things but is letting Iona have space.

She did all her work and went home with Connor. They ate biscuits and drank some tea then worked on magik.

Iona wanted to try a new spell called Astral projection. So she relaxed and flew to Nans (gram) kitchen and Nan could see her and touch her.

They talked for a bit then had to leave because it's Iona's first time doing this and it's a long way back to Ireland.

Nan was happy to see all three of them and plans to travel to Ireland to see everyone.

Iona took a lemon and put it in her pocket. Will it make it back with her?

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