Sunday, March 9, 2014

Chapter 13 Dark Witch

Ok Boyle and Iona have sex in this chapter, it's heated and fast paced but they both enjoyed it.

Cabhan attacked Boyle and Iona in the woods and Iona called up a wind spell wich Boyle talks her down.

Branna heard from Iona by phone call about what happened and waited for 2 hours but could see why Iona was late.

They talked then Iona took Boyle upstairs to her room for the night.

Iona works then gets Meara to give her a ride and Branna is with a customer.

Fin shows up and wants to help with Iona's training and tells Branna she doesn't need to cook but she made sauce for pasta and it was cooking.

Fin called everyone and they will be together for dinner and hear Iona's story again.

Onto the next chapter

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